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Reading: Eclectic Style: Freedom of Thought

Eclectic Style: Freedom of Thought

This design style showcases a collection of influences across time and space.

What is Eclectic Design Style

Eclecticism derives from a Greek word that means “choose the best,” hinting at a style that is based on carefully-chosen elements assembled from a wide range of influences.  

It was considered trendy for students and is now gaining more popularity for its support of ecological values and sustainability, with a preference for refurbished furniture and everyday consumer products converted into practical accessories.

Hand-me-downs and furniture found on the street are placed next to store-bought items and furniture pieces, creating a uniquely personal look made from multiple items that work well together.

Typical Colours

The typical eclectic colour palette is very diverse, from red to green, yellow, turquoise, ochre, and grey. There are no real rules for colors or materials that would limit the freedom of this style.

Matching Materials

It’s a space where anything can go together with everything, in a mix of materials, shapes, textures, and compositions that include raw wood, ethnic rugs, fabrics, lace alongside leather, or iron combined with decorative vintage tiles.

Suggested Décor

Eclectic spaces are characterized by the bold combination of found objects and furniture that complement each other. A mix of heirloom pieces alongside new elements placed in unconventional combinations reflects the ‘no rules’ spirit of this style.