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Reading: Farmhouse Style: Live Simply

Farmhouse Style: Live Simply

This design style combines modest comfort and classic elegance for a rustic look that is simplified and functional.

What is the Farmhouse Design Style

The farmhouse style relies on natural resources and readily available materials that are used raw and handcrafted with origins dating back to old European and American homesteads.

Farmhouse spaces are decorated with natural textures and wooden furniture upholstered in simple fabrics. Utensils, spices, fresh herbs, pots, and pans are openly displayed in large light-coloured kitchens lit by plenty of sunlight that pours in from windows set within wooden profiles.

Warm, inviting, tranquil, and cozy, these spaces emphasize the simplicity of a life connected with nature.

Typical Colours

The typical farmhouse colour palette blends white, beige, grey, green, ochre, and light blue.

Matching Materials

Shades of wood, washed and rough, alongside iron, copper, and natural stone used in their raw state.

Suggested Décor

Pale-painted wood furniture delicately contrasts with wrought iron or copper items left bare and exposed to create a wholesome effect.