Bathroom Backsplash Ideas - Best Backsplash Materials

While many bathrooms are fully tiled and waterproof, many more use a mixture of wall and floor coverings, selectively ustilising water-resistant materials only in the areas which need them most. This is allows use of materials in other areas which might seem normal in other rooms of the home, but unconventional in a bathroom, like wallpaper, for example.
In such situations, a backsplash panel is a great way to protect wall surfaces from moisture in wet locations like around the wash basin and bath.
The following materials are often used for bathroom splashbacks and can help you get started in the right direction when you’re choosing one for your bathroom space.

Durable, timeless and elegant, Caesarstone is one of the best materials for backsplash designs. Available in colours from bright white to dark and chocolaty, Caesarstone can be custom made to fit any location, suit any style and please all tastes.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas - Caesarstone

Glass Tile
Good lighting is needed to make a glass tile backsplash come to life. Be sure to use an unsanded grout or else you could scratch these delicate tiles during their installation.

Tile Mosaic
When you’re looking for a more artistic styled backsplash, look no further than a tile mosaic. Because tiles can be made into any shape, colour or size, they are easily manipulated into whatever pattern or image the user wishes. Most tile mosaics are easy to install and come preinstalled onto a mesh backing. Simply apply your wall mastic and insert the tile mosaic wherever you like against your bathroom backsplash.

Subway Tile
Tile is a common theme for many bathroom backsplashes. Whether it’s glass, ceramic or porcelain, there’s bound to be some form of tile in the bathroom space. But more often than not, it’s placed in conventional hexagonal patterns. To combat the boring and bland everyday patterns, subway tile can be used in lieu of conventional tiles for your backsplash. Subway pattern staggers the vertical joints to help break up to monotony of the conventional tile seam layout.

Stainless Steel
As more modern bathroom designs often request, stainless steel is used--and very successfully. Whether it’s used as one solid seamless sink, countertop and backsplash or it’s designed so some areas are covered with steel while others are not, you can bet this bathroom backslash material is certainly going to make a big splash all by itself.

Many homeowners are going for a more natural look and are using cork as a backsplash. With the right sealants and laminates, cork can be extremely resilient to water. It also helps to deaden the sound of an otherwise echo filled bathroom space. Cork can be installed in large panels or as small tiles on any bathroom wall with ease.

Another great natural backsplash material, many people often mistake this product for wood when in fact it is really a fast growing grass. Its ecofriendly characteristics are what really sets this bathroom backsplash material apart from the rest—besides its good looks and affordable price. Bamboo panels, bamboo strips and bamboo wallpaper are just a few of the many ways bamboo can be used as a bathroom backsplash material.

Mixing materials, or the using the same material but in different colours or textures can add depth and richness to your space. A stainless steel sink and a Caesarstone Jet Black (3100) splashback panel are an ideal pairing, for example.

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