Bathroom Remodelling Ideas 2018

A warm bath is the perfect way to unwind after a long, stressful day at work. This is your bathroom, so it is hard to miss all the imperfections and places for improvement while trying to relax. Maybe the sink is a bit cracked or the countertops have lost their sheen. Perhaps the paint is peeling, and your bathtub needs new grout. The last thing you want to do after a hard day’s work is worry about a remodel, so we’ve assembled a few tips and tricks of the trade to ease the process of your bathroom makeover.

 Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Here are some must-do tips to consider before you start your bathroom remodel:

  1. Consider your needs: Who will be using this bathroom, small children or adults? Do you need a bathtub, or would you prefer a stall shower? One sink or two? You want to consider the main uses of the bathroom before you begin your remodel to optimize practicality in addition to beauty.
  2. Save some money: Are you a DIYer? Find some aspects of the remodel that you can tackle yourself. Maybe you can’t install your own bathroom countertops, but you certainly can paint the walls and install the cupboard hardware.
  3. Go for style: Remodelling can be expensive, so it’s best to express your own personal style. Forget about fad trends and do what you love! How about painting the walls a vibrant colour, or opting for the traditional all black and white look? Make your bathroom an inviting room that you’ll love showing off to guests.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Take a look at the following bathroom remodelling ideas:

  1. Lighting update: Let there be light! Your bathroom is where you get ready to look your best so you want to be sure your lighting is practical. Installing a maximum wattage light fixture can really brighten up the space, especially if the room lacks natural light. Jazzing up the area with a unique light fixture can be a great focal point to a simple design.
  2. Spa-like feeling: Pebble floor tiles and a rain showerhead are a great way to create a warm and relaxing “spa-like” feel in your bathroom. The addition of greenery and matching accessories will dress up your countertops, almost as if you were at a luxury resort or hotel!
  3. Combination design: Make your bathroom as interesting as you are. Pair classic wood cabinetry with a sleek set of square mirrors in different sizes for a cool combo of styles. Accessorizing with vintage handles and doorknobs, shiny tile flooring and bold paint will give you a diverse bathroom design.