Bathroom Renovation Ideas

There are many ways to spruce up your bathroom. If you prefer minor changes, consider adding decorative accessories which will certainly give it a fresh look. If you prefer a more pronounced effect, painting the walls or adding wallpaper are an excellent choice. On the more pragmatic side, the renovation can involve improving the efficiency of your cabinetry or upgrading it by applying a new stain. A bigger project involves changing the tiles or countertops which dramatically transforms the entire look of your bathroom.

motivo stripes - Caesarstone Canada

There are many stores (brick and online) that offer bathroom accessories. They often have exciting choices of shelves, drawers, soap dishes, toilet seats, toilet paper holders etc. Consider investing in a mirror that appeals to you or putting in a special light fixture, both of which are bound to make a major impact on the look of your bathroom. Other accessories include flora, paintings, pictures and curtains. If you don’t know where to start, take the existing accessories out of your bathroom and have a look at the space created. Inspiration is sure to follow…

Painting your bathroom is an excellent way to give it a fresh new look. The selection of colours and textures are infinite, but you should invest thought in what you want your choice to communicate. Some colours are more traditional (white/ beige), some are more modern (orange/red) and some are more calming (blues/ pale greens). Another option is to apply wallpaper. Today’s wallpapers have amazing prints, many have outstanding natural scenes and others have playful prints and characters. Take the time to shop around and find the perfect print for your bathroom.

bathroom renovations with white countertops - Caesarstone

The furnishings in your bathroom play a major role in its overall design. If you want to renovate because of space issues, look into boosting the efficiency of your cabinets. Today you can buy pullout shelves that fit into deep cabinets. The pullout shelves make storage easier, since you don’t have to dig to the end of the drawer to find things. Another option is to invest in a vanity, hanging cabinet, or shelves that will increase your storage space. There are also ways to improve the look of your existing bathroom furniture. If it is made of wood, it can be renewed with a fresh coat of paint or stain (you first need to sand-off the existing stain layer). Another creative option is to draw a pretty pattern or flowers directly onto the cabinetry.

A sure way to give your bathroom a new look is to replace the tiles. While this is a bigger job, you will enjoy its benefits for years to come. There are many different tile styles out there, such as beautiful scenes (natural view, animals and city landscape), patterned designs and unique textures. A common and highly attractive bathroom design involves combining regular tiles with a few accent tiles. Alternatively, you can choose to have a singular wall with a textured design which can be the focal point of the bathroom.

Blue bathroom countertops - Caesarstone

Last, but definitely not least, you should consider replacing your countertop. Caesarstone has been a leader in quartz surfaces for over 30 years and has an incredibly wide variety of surfaces to choose from. You can find countertops in beautiful whites and greys as well as exotic surfaces such as Blue Tiger Eye. If you love texture, Caesarstone offers surfaces with natural looking textures as well as patterned textures, such as crocodile and braids. Since they are made of quartz, Caesarstone’s surfaces are especially durable, hygienic and easy to maintain.

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