Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling Design Ideas

More and more homeowners are choosing to transform their bathrooms into highly-customized spaces that reflect their personal style. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to all the wonderful things you can do.

At Caesarstone, we’re all about encouraging creativity in kitchen and bathroom renovations. That’s why, in this post, we’re going to share a few popular ideas for bathroom remodel projects. We’ll explore a few key components, including showers, bathtubs, and vanities.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Modern Shower Renovation

While it’s certainly possible to use tile as part of your modern shower renovation, you’ll often see designers using quartz shower walls instead. Quartz shower walls offer a sleek and luxurious look that was previously only possible with expensive and difficult-to-maintain materials like marble. Another perk of using quartz for your shower walls is that you can create a more cohesive look throughout your bathroom. No more clashing between your shower walls and your vanity countertop.

If you do decide to go with tile for your shower, the modern style offers lots of room for creativity. You can go with a geometrically interesting shape (hexagons are popular) or use boldly coloured tiles, to name a couple of options.

Modern bathroom remodels often treat one surface of the shower as an accent wall. You can consider doing the same if you’d rather not have the entire shower be brightly coloured.

One last tip is to remember that “modern” is not the same thing as “contemporary.” If you want your bathroom renovation to look good for the long haul, avoid trendy designs that are unproven in terms of longevity. Keep things simple and versatile.

Classic Bathroom Remodel

Subway Tiles

If a classic design is your preference, it’s hard to go wrong with subway tile. This trend is perhaps the most enduring when it comes to tiles. While most people think of the ‘staggered’ layout (the quintessential brick wall look) when it comes to subway tile, many designers take creative license and lay subway tiles in more unique patterns.

By doing this, you can create a classic-looking bathroom with a touch of modernity.

A more subtle way to do this involves choosing a less basic type of tile. For example, you can use tiles with beveled edges, a unique texture, or bold colour instead of the plain white variety.

Choose Hardware Wisely

Your bathroom hardware (faucets, cabinet handles, etc.) may seem like an insignificant detail but it can make or break your classic bath renovation. Gold or bronze hardware is a great choice for keeping things classic, as are items resembling cast iron.

Colour Schemes

When doing a bath renovation, make sure you give thought to your colour scheme. Classic bathroom colours include:

  • soft greys
  • light blue
  • cream
  • brown
  • white

Again, avoid using trendy colours that will likely go out of style in a few years. Doing so will cost you more in the long run, either as a result of having to remodel your bathroom again or shaving resale value off your property.

Bathtub Renovations: Popular Style Options

A bathtub renovation isn’t always essential if your bathtub is in good shape. However, replacing your bathtub can help to drastically alter the room’s look. Here are a few popular bathtub styles.

Corner Tubs

A corner tub works especially well in a few specific situations. If you have a small bathroom, for example, a corner tub will save space. If the corner in question has windows offering a nice view, a corner tub will allow you to fully take advantage of that.

Freestanding Tubs

If you have a larger bathroom and would like to place your bathtub anywhere, a freestanding unit works very well. Freestanding bathtubs also have a certain air of luxury about them.

Clawfoot Tubs

A clawfoot tub is similar to a freestanding tub, only it stands on ‘feet.’ This design is popular in classic bathrooms because it offers some nice Victorian charm.


A whirlpool bathtub has jets that massage your body while you bathe. It’s a popular, luxurious choice but also in high demand among people with physical conditions that can benefit from frequent massages.

Small Bathroom Renovations

A small bathroom renovation can help you rearrange the space so that it better suits your needs. Here are some useful tips for doing this well.

Move Your Sink Into A Corner

Just like installing a corner bathtub helps you maximize space, so does a corner sink. A corner sink also helps you better control the flow of traffic in your small bathroom. This is a huge plus if you find it difficult to open the bathroom door while one person is already inside. It’s a subtle washroom renovation but one that will make your daily routine much easier.

Keep It Light

With a small bathroom, you never want to use too many dark colours. Doing so will make the room feel claustrophobic. Instead, go with lighter colours to give the room an airy feeling of freshness.

To avoid having the room feel sterile, you can mix and match shades of white throughout the bathroom. You can also use a patterned white surface, such as 5111 Statuario Nuvo for your countertops as part of your washroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

The average bathroom renovation cost in Canada is just above $13,000. You can spend considerably less, however, if you have a smaller bathroom or if you keep your plumbing in place.

The cost is worth it, though, considering the master bathroom is one of two crucial rooms for home resale value (the other being your kitchen).

Choosing Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Here are some tips for choosing the right bathroom renovation contractor.

#1. Experience Is Key

Your bathroom renovation contractor ought to have an extensive background in the field. Be wary of contractors that have no recent projects to speak of as a lack of experience can lead to wasting time and money.

#2. Check For The Relevant Permits

Depending on where you live, certain bathroom renovations will require a permit or some type of certification on the part of your contractor. A good contractor should be able to explain these regulations (and how they keep compliant with them) to you.

#3. Check Referrals

Ask your contractor if they have any past clients willing to vouch for them. Check with those past clients concerning things like punctuality, work quality, and dispute resolution.

Caesarstone: The Perfect Surface For Bathroom Renovations

No matter what style of bathroom renovation you decide on, quartz countertops will take it to the next level.

Quartz, the countertop material of choice, is very aesthetically pleasing, offers great variety, and is much more durable than other countertop materials, like granite. Read more about why quartz is so popular for bathroom countertops here.

Check out our quartz visualizer to begin experimenting with various quartz surfaces in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do bathroom renovations cost?

Bathroom renovations cost, on average, just over $13,000 in Canada. You can spend far less (even well below $1,000) if you keep your plumbing in place and reuse old components.

How long do bathroom renovations take?

The renovation itself can take up to two weeks. Depending on how much planning you need to do, however, the whole process can take as much as several months. Speak with your renovation contractor to be certain.

How much should I spend on my bathroom renovation?

We don’t give financial advice. However, many experts state that somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000 is a reasonable amount to spend on a bathroom renovation. Speak with a contractor to get a better idea of what’s reasonable for your home.