Bathroom Renovations

More and more homeowners are choosing to transform their bathrooms from a relatively standard utility room into a highly customized space that reflects their personal style. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to all the wonderful things you can do. Bathrooms can be transformed into ‘mini-spas’ that have a pampering Jacuzzi or shower, and can also be equipped with technological gadgets such as plasmas and even computer generated toilets (which are really popular in Japan). When it comes to design options, people are really fulfilling their dreams- some opting for a glamourous hotel-like bathroom, while others choose a very natural and earthy look. The extent of your bathroom renovation is of course a function of your budget and the size of your bathroom. What is great about incorporating Caesarstone surfaces into your bathroom is that with Caesarstone you can get the exact look you want at a cost-effective price. Ceasarstone surfaces are built to last and come with a Lifetime Warranty which protects your investment. They are environmentally friendly, very hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

 bathroom renovation

While renovating the bathroom is likely to be a significant expense (second only to renovating your kitchen), there are two primary reasons behind the decision. First, it increases the value of your home and affords one of the highest returns on investment at the time of resale. According to the Cost vs. Value Report published by Remodeling Magazine, the value of a remodeled bathroom increased by 10% in 2014; an upscale bathroom remodel returned nearly 64% of its cost while a mid-range project recouped up to 73% of the investment. A second and very important factor is that many homeowners prefer to remodel rather than move. They value improving the look and feel of their spaces and increasing their functionality. Many also feel that by choosing eco-friendly/energy efficient products they are being environmentally responsible.

Regardless of your motivation, by choosing a Caesarstone countertop you are bound to get a great return-on-investment. The Caesarstone countertops are made from quartz, which is one of the hardest minerals known. This means that they are more resilient than marble, granite and stone, and are really made to last. The surfaces are largely resistant to stains, scratches and cracks, and since they are non-porous, germs and other bacteria can’t grow within them. They are incredibly easy to clean and maintain and will look their best for years.

bathroom renovations
Aside from their functional advantages, Caesarstone’s surfaces come in a wide variety of colours and textures to ensure that you find the perfect surface for your bathroom. The surfaces are divided into three collections- Classico, Motivo and Concetto. The Classico collection ranges from black and white motifs to vivid colour blends and are available in three different finishes- polished; honed (matte or non-glossy) and viento (textured). If you want a more textured effect, the Motivo collection consists of raised quartz surfaces such as lace and stripes. These beautiful patterns truly enrich the surface and give it an added dimension. Last, but definitely not least, is the Concetto collection which is comprised of semi-precious stones such as Tiger Eye and Amethyst. There are 15 different colours to choose from and some also have a natural translucency which can be backlit to create an even more exotic atmosphere.
To explore the different collections, visit the Bathroom section of the Caesarstone Canada website.

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If you want to have a sneak preview of what your bathroom might look like, check out the Visualizer feature on the website. The Visualizer is a specially designed program that displays a fixed bathroom design (and other rooms as well) and lets you play around with changing the different surfaces in the bathroom.

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