Black & White Bathroom Design Ideas

Whether your bathroom space is modern, traditional or contemporary, black and white colors help to accentuate as well as disguise features and facets of any bathroom design. Regardless of your design styling, black and white definitely makes sense in a bathroom. White helps to denote cleanliness and purity, while black helps to define character and break up the monotony of an all-white space. Use these black and white bathroom ideas to help you find the perfect bathroom styling for your new bathroom space.

Black Walls; White Accents
This black and white bathroom design features black or dark colored walls with white fixtures and flooring accents. Bright and white marble, quartz and granite help to make the rest of the room come to life. Because most other fixtures like the toilet or tub tend to be white anyways, this design is very easy to create without spending much on special colored fixtures and features. If you’re looking to go a little lighter colored with your color contrast, you may want to add a heavy texture to the walls. This can help to accentuate the black and white color difference without the need to add a lot of black into the design.

Modern Design Features
Black and white bathrooms pair very well with modern features. Sleek lines, elegant surfaces and open spaces are all complimentary to a black and white bathroom design. Vessel sinks can be a great addition and can either be white porcelain paired with a black vanity or vice versa; a black vessel sink with a white vanity. Once again, natural stone plays an important role in modern black and white bathrooms as well. Whether it’s white marble or black granite, you’ll be sure to get the color contrast you’re looking for in a black and white bathroom design.

black and white bathroom 1_mini

Accent Walls
Not everyone has the nerve to go entirely white and black with their bathroom design. For those who want to stick to one color or the other rather than make an exclusive blend, then an accent wall is right for you. Since many homeowners don’t really feel comfortable with all black wall coverings or fixtures, it’s wise to create a simple black accent wall. Dominate the space with white tiles, vanity counters, fixtures and flooring, but leave one wall opposite the bathroom mirror black. This will help create that black and white bathroom look without having to go overboard on the black. Use antique furnishings with dark wood surfaces to help further accent your all black accent wall.

Wall Art
A good way to help focus the attention of a black and white bathroom away from the contrasting colors is by adding colorful wall art. Bright and bold colors can really help to attract some of the attention away from where the two white and black contrasting colors meet. Black and white photos also help to blend together black and white designs and create a transition between these two very different colors.

Tile can also help to bring together a black and white space efficiently and easily. Black and white tile mixes like checkered flooring have been popular for hundreds of years and continue to be just as popular in most modern bathroom spaces. Smaller black inset tiles inside of larger white squares help create a more country feel to the black and white bathroom. Subway tiles with several shades of black white and gray are also becoming a popular choice among bathroom designers for creating a simple yet elegant black and white space without the need to completely redo the entire space.

black and white bathroom 2_mini

Nothing beats the color contrasting capabilities of wainscoting in the bathroom. From simple beadboard to complex raised panels, a black wall and a white beadboard go together like peas and carrots. They can also be reversed—a black wainscoting with a white wall, to create a unique bathroom design that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. Throw in white marble, black granite or a salt and pepper mix of both for the perfect black and white bathroom space.

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