Black & White Bathroom Design Ideas

Whether your bathroom is modern, traditional, or contemporary, a black and white colour scheme can help accentuate the room’s highlights. At Caesarstone, we love helping readers bring their interior design to life, which is why we’ve put together this helpful guide to designing a black and white bathroom.

In this post, we’ll look at a few common techniques and tips for pulling this colour scheme off effectively.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Black and White Tile Bathroom

Tile is one of the best materials for bringing a black and white bathroom design together effectively. Tiling in a black and white checkered configuration has been popular for hundreds of years.

If the checkered look is too old-fashioned for you, consider using smaller black inset tiles inside of larger white squares to create a country vibe. Subway tiles in various shades of black, white, and grey are also becoming a popular choice among bathroom designers creating a simple yet elegant black and white space.

Complete this look with a white quartz countertop containing black veining.

Black Vanity Bathroom

A black vanity in your bathroom is ideal if you’d like black to be the dominant hue in your monochromatic bathroom. If you’re going for a modern look (more on this shortly), consider an integrated sink. This is a design in which the countertop blends seamlessly into the sink, since they are comprised of one continuous slab.

Quartz is the perfect material for achieving this due to its durability and versatility (read more about that here).

If your tastes are a bit more on the traditional side, a dark veined vanity top made from 5003 Piatra Grey may be a better fit.

All-White Bathroom with Black Accent Piece

There’s no rule that says your white and black bathroom needs to be split evenly between the two colours. In fact, many designers choose to focus on one dominant colour with occasional accents of the other.

If you have a small bathroom, you may want to make white the dominant colour in order to capitalize on its well-known space-enhancing characteristics. Good pieces to accent in black include:

  • hardware (faucet, vanity drawer handles, etc.)
  • mirrors
  • occasional tiles
  • furniture
  • trim
  • artwork

You can even use an entire wall as an accent, which we’ll explore in the next tip.

Use Accent Walls

Designers usually achieve this look by making the bathroom primarily white while painting the wall directly opposite the mirror in black. On the black wall, you can use antique furnishings with dark wood surfaces to help further accent the black wall.

Rely On Artwork

A good way to help focus the attention of a black and white bathroom away from the contrasting colours is by adding colourful wall art. Bright and bold colours can really help to attract some of the attention away from where the two white and black contrasting colours meet. Black and white photos also help to blend together black and white designs and create a transition between these two very different colours.

Black and White Wainscoting

Nothing beats the colour contrasting capabilities of wainscoting in the bathroom. From simple beadboard to complex raised panels, a black wall and a white beadboard go together like coffee and cream. They can also be reversed - black wainscoting with a white wall - to create a unique bathroom design that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet. Throw in white marble quartz or black quartz (or a salt and pepper mix of both) for the perfect black and white bathroom space.

Black and White Powder Room

Even your powder room can benefit from a black and white design. Here’s where you’ll likely lean on black and white bathroom decor to simultaneously communicate your personality to guests and accent the monochrome look.

Black and white powder rooms often feature monochromatic wallpaper in whimsical patterns. Go with a floral silhouette print if you’re creating a traditional bathroom. For something more contemporary, go with a honeycomb tile print.

Black and White Bathroom Floor

A black and white bathroom floor can really hit home the monochromatic aesthetic. Yet, many people neglect this surface in favour of focusing primarily on vertical surfaces.

Tile is your best friend here. There are many patterns, ranging from intricate to simple, to choose from as far as this is concerned.

Modern Black and White Bathrooms

One common complaint concerning bathrooms in black and white is that they tend to look old-fashioned. In this subsection, let’s take a brief look at some tips for getting around this and creating a modern black and white bathroom.

Use Quality Modern Materials

No matter how carefully planned your white and black bathroom design is, using inferior materials will make it feel dated. Stick to quartz for your countertops as opposed to more outdated materials like granite.

You can even use quartz slabs for your shower walls to create an ultra-sleek look.

Keep It Simple (The Permanent Parts, Anyway)

Some of the most enduring design ideas are focused on simplicity. When you overcomplicate things, you run the risk of having your black and white bathroom look outdated in the near future.

That’s not to say you can’t use more complex designs in your bathroom. Just leave those designs for the less-permanent aspects of your bathroom (artwork, mirrors, etc.).

Avoid anything too ornate (such as intricate vanity island woodworking) and you’ll have no problem creating a modern black and white bathroom.

In Summary

We hope these black and white bathroom ideas have inspired you. To summarize, the monochromatic colour scheme has been a classic for decades. It’s a very versatile scheme that can easily fit into traditional, modern, and contemporary bathrooms alike.

Visit our bathroom visualizer to experiment with our various black and white surfaces. We have a ton of variation in each hue and you’re guaranteed to find something that speaks to you. Once you do, visit one of our many Caesarstone locations in Canada to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colours go with black tile?

Aside from white, designers commonly pair black with natural hues such as wood tones. Off-white and many greys also look great alongside black tile.

Should my bathroom floor be darker than the walls?

Generally, yes, you do want the floor to be a darker colour than your walls.