Small Bathroom Countertops

Small bathroom countertops by Caesarstone​
It’s been said by some that small bathroom countertops don’t have to be as durable as countertops in kitchens.
At Caesarstone, we disagree.

If you have a family with small kids, you know that bathroom furniture gets rough treatment. Seriously, kids climb up on bathroom countertops no matter what size they happen to be. They sit there; brush their teeth there, spill toothpaste, hair gel and all manner of gunk all over the place.

Small Bathroom Countertops - Caesarstone

Do you really want a countertop that isn’t going to stand the test of time ?

We don’t think you do. Because our countertops using composite quartz are non-porous, they’re mold, mildew, and stain resistant (perfect for the house with kids.) Plus, a bathroom countertop that uses Caesarstone’s materials is resistant to chipping and cracking which makes it super tough.

That’s why small bathroom countertops that use composite quartz are such a smart investment. They last an amazingly long time! When necessary, every mom or dad wants to be able to get in and clean up a mess in no time flat.

They want to be able to get on to other, more important family matters. We know, we’re moms and dads too. That’s why Caesarstone intentionally develops materials for small bathroom countertops that are simple to wash and sanitize.​

bathrrom countertops - Caesarstone

Oh! Did we mention that because our composite quartz is non-porous it’s also hard for germs to live and grow there?
(And you know how many germs kids bring home with them! Small bathroom countertops using Caesarstone materials make cleaning up the bathroom after rough and tumble kiddos that much easier.

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