Small Bathroom Layout & Design Ideas

Let’s face it. Small bathroom designs that don’t take mould and mildew problems into account are doomed to failure. No one wants, or likes, a bad situation where mold and mildew are actively attacking your bathroom. Both are annoying and usually tough to get rid of.

Everyone knows the bathroom is usually the smallest as well as the wettest room in the house. We know that small bathroom designs that help prevent these difficulties lessen your overall stress.

At Caesarstone, we pride ourselves on our development teams and the practical innovations they come up with that benefit you. The fact that our composite quartz is non-porous makes sure neither mold nor mildew has a chance of growing in or on your bathroom vanity, countertop, or bathroom wall paneling.

Small Bathroom Designs - Caesarstone

Small Bathroom Designs – Added Benefits

We mentioned that the bathroom is normally the wettest room in the house didn’t we? Small bathroom designs that don’t take into account the fact that ideal conditions for bacterial growth include porous, moist surfaces are sure to be germ breeding grounds. No homeowner wants that!

You’ll find that our materials are also naturally resistant to bacterial growth due to…you guessed it…our composite quartz’s non-porous surface!

Your bathroom has suddenly become much easier to clean. No difficulties with mold or mildew, no bacteria hiding deep where you can’t get at them…you’re just about set! Throw in the fact that small bathroom designs using our materials are stain and chemical resistant and you’ll see how amazingly low maintenance your bathroom becomes.

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