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Inspiration for creating a beautiful white bathroom
The white bathroom is the ultimate statement in simple, clean, classic design. Due to the colour, it is a bathroom that works in every style, whether it is traditional, elegant, or ultra-modern. White brings a serenity, a calmness, and a clean feel, which is what everyone wants from a bathroom.
A bathroom of this kind also provides an easy appeal for potential buyers when selling your home, as a classic bathroom is usually near the top of any buyer’s wish list.

Creating interest
The colour white, although perfectly suited to a bathroom, can make a room look bare if the design of the room isn’t considered properly beforehand. Especially if you are determined that the bathroom will remain completely white with no colour accents added in whatsoever, then you have to consider how you are going to add interest to the room in other ways.
Adding a lovely shaped free-standing bath is a way to add a focal point of interest to a bathroom. Particularly in a traditional bathroom, a roll top bath with antique looking taps creates the ultimate in elegant design. Add polished tiles to create a spa-like appearance in a white bathroom, creating a feeling of serenity, and giving a room an expensive look without spending a fortune. Tiles with a textured pattern such as hexagonal or herringbone design tiles will add interest to a floor without being too hard on the eye.
Inspiration for beautiful white bathrooms -Caesarstone

Remember, there is very rarely a bathroom that every single object is white within it. You can interest without adding colour by adding a beautiful wooden floor, wooden or metal stands, storage cabinets, or chairs. Wicker baskets and natural stone incorporated into the bathroom design or walls are also a way of bringing a feeling and warmth of nature into the room.

If you don’t want to add any other colours to your classic white bathroom but do want to create a special touch with one of a kind objects, consider adding artwork of your choosing. Creating a wall of mirrors will not only add a striking feature wall to your bathroom but will also create an airy and fresh feel to your bathroom because light will bounce between the mirrors and white surfaces to create a stunning effect and give the illusion of more space in your bathroom.

Add a touch of nature to your bathroom by placing some house plants (they will thrive in the humid atmosphere) that will brighten up any surface or window sill. Use shelving to openly display your one of a kind finds such as ornaments, or objects from antique stores that catch your eye and give some character whilst at the same time adhering to the style of the bathroom

White Bathroom Ideas - Caesarstone

Adding colour accents
White bathrooms do not have to be plain and boring. Adding a colour accent feature in the design of a white bathroom can change the look and feel of the room in an instant. Painting a wall, designing a wall of coloured tiles (either a complete wall or a simple border), or adding coloured accessories can really add a colour contrast and give personality to a white bathroom.

Think about adding some brightly coloured towels, mats, or bright bathroom accessories or storage. The great thing about personalizing your bathroom this way is that if you ever get bored of a colour then all you have to do is swap around the accessories and towels for a new colour and you have yourself a completely different bathroom.

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