​Countertops – A Myriad of Conceptual Choices

From the kitchen to the bathroom, designs for countertops are advancing by leaps and bounds. All kinds of materials have been used to make both bathroom and kitchen countertops, but we here at Caesarstone are masters of the game.

Quartz Countertops - Caesarstone

Our development team works overtime to create countertop surfaces composed of quartz, in order to provide you with a myriad of conceptual choices. Whether you want countertops that exhibit traditional qualities or advanced, sleek designs, or countertops that use our materials are sure to fit a wide variety of senses and sensibilities. 

Countertops – Creativity and Functionality

At Caesarstone, we know you will be pleased with the fact that countertops that use our composite quartz have the potential of matching any kitchen colour scheme you can come up with. From fine-grained salt and pepper patterns to coarse-grained color blends, our composite quartz countertops are on the cutting edge when it comes to creativity! However, we don’t stop there.

Our materials also offer three different finishes such as polished, honed (matte), and Viento (textured)…that dramatically expand your design capabilities even farther!

But, what about functionality? We’ve got that covered too. When you use Caesarstone composite quartz in your countertops you’ll find that you can drop the heaviest object on their surfaces, smack it with a super sharp, meat cleaver as hard as you can…and they won’t chip or crack.
That’s because our countertops use composite quartz that is compressed under intense pressure, vacuum and vibration into super dense slabs that are next to impossible to break.

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