Three new designs for 2018

6011 Intense White 

A countertop that fits into this positive picture with a bright base, Intense White brings light into the kitchen. It’s evenly distributed glass flakes reflect the gentle granular aspects of stone, yet it’s truly white colour illuminates the surface and adds sophistication.

Lightly coloured interiors blend natural blond or slightly washed cabinets with wooden stools or chairs. To be on trend, the introduction of pink pastel accessory adds a contemporary accent. Square kitchen tiles reflect the honesty of a lively kitchen, yet this material can also be combined with stylish finishes like lacquer or black steel; sometimes embedded into the unit or shelf rather than sitting on top of it. Experience 6011 Intense White on the Visualiser. 


4011 Cloudburst Concrete

Cloudburst Concrete is therefore a unique innovation, simple and revolutionary at the same time. Its white shades are a romantic interpretation of the industrial interior trend. The surface stimulates the senses with its creamy concrete texture while maintaining the easy care synonymous with all Caesarstone products. Inspired by the uneven porous aspects of cement and the matte feel of alabaster, it is original and truly captivating. Versatile enough that it can lighten up any space. Experience 4011 Cloudburst on the Visualiser. 


4601 Frozen Terra

The robustness of concrete is lightened up by a tinted shade of white. Small quartz pieces translate the playfulness of Frozen Terra terrazzo while irregular black accents add another layer of interest; all with Caesarstone’s guaranteed ease of care and maintenance.

Its light base makes this surface versatile in any kitchen interior, matching various materials, from ash and off-white cabinetry to the darkest of walnuts. As a breakfast bar, it becomes both casual and stylish, easy to accessorise with brushed metal hardware. Experience 4601 Frozen Terra on the Visualiser.