Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen​ design ideas

A black and white kitchen design is as classic as it is timeless. Whether it’s a complete black and white makeover or a simple experiment with this amazing two-tone design, you can bet that it’s going to look good when it’s done right.

Use the following black and white kitchen ideas to help you get a start in the right direction when planning your kitchen makeover and you’ll get the perfect black and white design that you’ll be sure to love for the life of your kitchen.

White Cabinets, Dark Countertops
One of the more common ways black and white is used in the kitchen space is by installing white cabinetry and contrasting its bright colors with a dark and stark contrasting countertop.

White washed wood paneling topped with a green marble or soapstone can provide the perfect balance of dark and light natural coloring that works great with country, chic and traditional-type designs.

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Flooring options can be either or a light or dark colored—and can even be both by installing a black and white checkered tile floor. White subway tiles for a backsplash also help to add the perfect accent to the black and white kitchen design.

Dark Cabinets, White Countertops
This black and white kitchen design theme is similar to the above black and white design theme, with the exception that the color contrast is reversed. Sleek black cabinetry mixed with white countertops that blend into the all-white floor pair well with any modern kitchen design theme.

Black cabinetry often works best with stainless steel appliances, backsplash tiles or as accent furniture. A black cabinet layout with a rich and creamy white marble countertop can also be used for French themed kitchen designs when combined with the right wood, stone and metal materials.

Whether you’re working towards a country styling or you’re going for a more modern feel, the black and white kitchen space is a very versatile design theme to work with and can be used with just about any design theme.

But one of the easiest things to do when using black and white colors in the kitchen space is to overwhelm the design with these two contrasting colors. By adding the right accents to the space, you can avoid the cluttered and divided look that too much black and white can bring to the space.

Accenting with Bright Colors- Bright and bold color accents can help to add a more modern design element to a black and white kitchen space. The best thing about adding a colorful accent to a black and white design is that no matter what color you choose, it’s going to match perfectly. Just keep in mind that the more colorful accents should be kept to a minimum if you plan on using them in multiple areas of the kitchen design.

Accenting with Natural Colors- Not all accents have to be bright and bold—or even colorful for that matter. Stone, ceramic, wood and metal all provide an amazing contrast to black and white that doesn’t overpower the space like an accent color tends to do. Brick walls, stainless steel appliances and tin ceiling tiles are all fantastic ways to help break up the monotony of a black and white design theme without making too much of a fuss.

Accenting with Trim- Trim accents like baseboard or crown molding are another great way to help add accents to a white and black kitchen. They help to break up the space without making it appear too divided as well as frame out openings, cabinetry or other kitchen features that may get buried in the all-white or all black areas of your kitchen.

Accenting with Backsplashes- A backsplash is the perfect canvas to provide a large relief in a white or black dominated space. Colorful combinations of bright and bold tile can be used to make the backsplash the centerpiece of the kitchen design or a simple yet elegant eggshell colored subway tiles can be used to make the backsplash blend in with all-white quartz countertops.

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