Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas ​​

6 tips and techniques for utilizing hidden spaces for kitchen storage
Every kitchen space is designed differently, but they all have one thing in common—a need for storage. Space is always at a premium in the kitchen and that makes it difficult to find the perfect storage solution for the gizmos, gadgets and other kitchen tools that you use every day; but don’t want in plain view. Whether you’re working with a small existing kitchen space or you’re building a huge kitchen from scratch, use these tips and techniques for utilizing hidden spaces and get the most out of your kitchen storage.

Fooling the eye
By employing light coloured cabinets, walls and counter spaces, you can create the illusion of space without having to compromise on storage. Add a splash of colour on simple things like backsplashes and décor to keep the space from being too bland.

You can also “fool the eye” into seeing more depth by installing glass cabinet doors. Glass door cabinets provide enclosed storage that doubles as a décor display—just add internal lighting. This will allow you to have plenty of stylish upper cabinet storage without making the space looked cramped and confined.

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End of the island
Island kitchen areas provide a kitchen space with an extra workstation and storage. But more often than not, the paneled sides of the island are neglected as storage. Wine bottles, décor and spices can all fit smartly in their own comfortable built-in shelving on the side of an island panel.
Even if you don’t have an island, the unused sides of upper and lower cabinets can benefit from built-in cubbyholes and shelving.

End styles, raised profiles and other cabinet woodworking can add opulence and class to any kitchen space. But with the added beauty, space can be compromised where drawers and cabinet’s doors are shortened to accommodate these novelty cabinetry additions. Keep these ornamental additions and gain storage space by using these thin and tall profiles facades as canned shelving cabinets or spice racks.

Under cabinets areas - for more than lights
Upper cabinets are a must have for any kitchen space to be effective. Many times, upper cabinet storage that covers counter spaces below can be a too dark to work without good under cabinet lighting. By rotating the lights into a backsplash display you can utilize under cabinet areas for storage.
Drop down trays store canned food, spices or flatware with ease, freeing up larger cabinet spaces for more kitchen goodies. These trays pull out just like a regular drawer but also tilt down at an angle and lock in place for easy access to kitchen supplies.

Corner troughs and rotating shelving
When cabinets and counter spaces come together at an inside corner, they often leave a dead space for storage. That’s where corner troughs and rotating shelving come into play. They can blend into the corner space perfectly and allow for plenty of storage for all of your large, medium and small kitchen supplies. Corner troughs solve drawer-style storage needs while a Lazy Susan rotating shelf works best for heavy or flat objects like pots or cans.

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Create a work triangle
One of the best ways to design any kitchen space is to design it around a kitchen triangle. Whether you’re a top notch chef or you’re a TV dinner aficionado, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a well-designed kitchen triangle. The kitchen triangle consists of three main points or corners of the triangle:

  • Sink
  • Stove top/oven
  • Refrigerator

These three areas of the kitchen always work best when they are in close proximity of one another. Be sure place these three kitchen necessities in a tight triangle when designing your kitchen to get a functional space that allows for plenty of optimized storage. Install an under cabinet microwave, can opener and coffee maker within the kitchen triangle to really save on space for all of your kitchen storage needs.

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