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​For the past 16 years Angela Lanciano has worked with her daughter Cher Sella on a wide variety of projects in Israel and abroad- hotels, clinics, offices, private homes, apartments and more.

It doesn’t matter which kitchen she designs- in a country or modern style, contemporary or retro- her motto for every project is that “the end has to be in the beginning. I will never begin a project before I have finalized all of the details, I must know everything before I start”.​
Design and planning Lanciano Design
Design and planning: Lanciano Design. Photography: Elad Sarig

So what do you need to know before you choose your kitchen style? If you like the contemporary look, here are 5 tips from Lanciano.

  1. The newer kitchens are characterized by clean and straight lines; they are no longer made in an L or C shape, but include tall cupboards and an island, and have very few handles. The reason for this is that once you break the lines they lose their forcefulness. Also, the more elongated they are, so their effect becomes more powerful and the kitchen gains a comforting feel.

    Lanciano Design
    Design and planning: Lanciano Design. Photography: Elad Sarig​

  2. In the past, the kitchen and dining area were frequently two separate sections of the home, while today they create a single unit. We can see islands that are seven to eight meters long, which provide ample work surfaces.

    The days in which the hostess would hide the mess in the kitchen are over: she wants to be part of the festivities., When I entertain, I like my guests and friends to stand beside me in the kitchen, talk, ask where they can find another beer or where the opener is.

  3. Lately, lots of people are asking for a tall island that serves as a dining table. Children love to sit high and there is something comfortable and fun about placing your feet on the footrest at the lower part of the chair. For adults it is easier to slide onto the chair, which feels pleasing and pampering. In addition, you can see the view better, whether it is the sea, an urban landscape or the garden outside.

  4. For countertops, one can notice surfaces that are inspired by nature and use state-of-the-art technologies in order to emulate natural stones and benefit from non-absorbent materials that are easy to clean. The result is amazing; it reflects the high quality and luxurious feel. This can also be seen in the fashion world, where even the largest companies like Louis Vuitton are using similar strategies to present quality and luxury.

    Design 5133
    Design 5133. Photography Misha Waidman for Caesarstone

  5. Today the tendency is to combine materials of several colours, for example, wood with grey and white. In the past, completely white kitchens were the most fashionable. However, there is something that is very calming and pleasing in this colourful palette that remains monochrome, soothing and unthreatening, and reflects contemporary trends.

    Within this context I would like to add that personally, I shy away from bold colourfulness. I feel that if one wants to add colour then it can be added using pictures or ornaments that don’t force themselves onto the space. Examples of such decorating items are jars, placemats, upholstery, or even a wall that can be painted anew tomorrow.

    What upgrades the space is not the colour but the contemporary combination of powerful materials such as glass, iron, copper or stone; together they create deep and shiny layers you will never tire of. Thus, the kitchen always looks good and fashionable​.

Book of Details by Caesarstone.jpg
Taken from the Book of Details by Caesarstone

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