6 Essential Countertop Appliances

Every kitchen has a limited amount of counter space – some more than others – and more often than not it’s a precious commodity that needs to be utilized carefully. When purchasing appliances that will take up valuable horizontal surfaces, you’ll want to be sure that they are absolutely essential to the smooth operation of your kitchen. These are some essential countertop appliances that will help you get the most from your space.

If you’re a coffee drinker, a coffee machine is invaluable in the kitchen. Espresso machines are great for a quick shot of coffee, and are available with milk steamers to create cappuccinos and lattes. Automatic drip coffee makers allow you to make a larger pot for entertaining. They make a consistent cup of coffee, and often come with a multitude of options to create the ideal brewing experience, such as simple programmable timers, temperature variance control, or even adjustable ground soaking times.

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Stand Mixer
Often considered the epitome of countertop appliances, the crowning achievement of the budding chef is often the moment they bring home their first heavy duty stand mixer. Many models come with attachments that give you the versatility to create from scratch foods such as homemade pasta, fresh gourmet sausages, or your own customized blends of ground meat. Stand mixers are available in many different sizes, colours, and come with varying levels or power. They include a bowl and multiple mixing blades ideal for mixing, whipping, or folding dough, making it a true champion for multipurpose countertop use.

Many people today would find that until their microwave suddenly stops working, they don’t realize how important it’s become to them. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to heat things up quickly, they are also a handy tool to use to fully cook a delicious meal that didn’t start out in a box from the freezer. As time pressed families struggle to find timer to cook homemade meals, companies have begun to market casseroles and stone baking dishes designed to fit in the microwave along with recipes that can be made from start to finish in it. Microwaves come in many sizes to suit your space and needs, in a wide array of colours, so it can fit seamlessly into your décor with the space you have available.

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Toaster Oven
A toaster oven is ideal for families with limited counter space, but who don’t want to limit their cooking options. The toaster oven gives you all you need to make your morning toast, while also providing a options for heating small portions, broiling items quickly, or preparing a complete dish for one without having to heat an entire oven. Furthermore, they can be mounted under your cabinets to really conserve space, which makes them that much more of an asset in the kitchen.

A blender is the perfect tool for making delicious blends of fruit and ice, ice cream and milk, or pureeing soups and sauces. The blender makes it possible to serve refreshing margaritas when enterianing, or to make yourself a healthful breakfast smoothie when you’re pressed for time. They take up minimal counter space, and come apart for easy cleaning. Most blenders have multiple settings that will allow to you create the perfect texture for all your liquid mixing needs in one small, handy device. They’re also made in a multitude of colours and styles, making the blender a useful commodity that also serves as an attractive focal point.

Griddle / Panini Press
One of the most versatile small appliances available is the combination griddle and panini press. A hinged lid folds out into two flat grilling surfaces, providing the versatility to create grilled sandwiches, waffles, meats like burgers and hot dogs, as well as the option to make a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, and pancakes on its flat plates.

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