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Out with the old and in with the new! Custom kitchen cabinets are a great way to add an exciting new touch to your kitchen. Maybe your old cabinets seem old, worn out, boring. We know how you feel.

That’s why our development team at Caesarstone has developed breakthrough materials again and again such as our non-porous, composite quartz for use in custom kitchen cabinets as well as in many other built-in pieces of furniture throughout your home. With an amazing capacity to match colors, from salt and pepper patterns to an astonishing range of color blends, Caesarstone composite quartz also boasts an array of textures that compliment your other kitchen furniture.

You’ll find that kitchen cabinets that use our composite quartz are perfect for whatever modern or traditional design you choose!
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Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Caesarstone

Custom Kitchen Cabinets – Well Designed and Built to Last
Who wants a kitchen cabinet that’s going to break with a little use? At Caesarstone, our materials are stain, scratch, crack, heat and chemical resistant. We know you’ll agree that custom kitchen cabinets that use our composite quartz are incredibly tough, well designed, and built to last.

Knowing that our clients deserve even more practicality, you’ll also find that a kitchen cabinet that uses Caesarstone composite quartz won’t rot or deteriorate.

Because of its non-porous surface, custom kitchen cabinets that use our materials are also naturally mold, mildew and bacteria resistant. We believe that a kitchen cabinet that exhibits tasteful, enduring qualities like these is an investment a homeowner can be proud of.

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