Designing a Contemporary Kitchen

With a contemporary design style, everything appears clean and sleek. Using a minimalistic approach and a smooth, flat look, everything may appear simple, but it is far from plain Jane. That’s what makes designing a kitchen in the contemporary style is so attractive to so many homeowners and designers alike. Smooth lines and flat surfaces make cooking and cleaning a snap. Simple design styles also make the kitchen run more efficiently while still allowing it to keep its style and beauty. Use this guide to designing a contemporary kitchen and get the most out of your new kitchen design.

Flush Cabinetry
One of the best ways to achieve that clean, streamlined look that’s so popular with contemporary kitchens is to design large surfaces (like cabinets) with continuous and seamless facing. Flush mount doors, smooth paneled surfaces and integrated appliances makes for one of the best ways to create the uninterrupted spans that make a contemporary kitchen great.

Open Shelving
Another feature that’s prevalent in a contemporary kitchen is that the layout is open and uncluttered. Open shelving perched below cabinetry can help bring a balance to your great wall of cabinets. Everyday items like dishes and utensils can be close at hand and on display—or the open shelving can be backlit or accented with track lighting to help make these spaces special design features of the kitchen space.

contemporary kitchen design

Sprawling Island
To help contrast the crisp clean lines of a contemporary space, it’s a good idea to throw in some natural curves so that you still have an organic feel so the space doesn’t get too overwhelmed with straight lined architecture. A luscious curved wraparound island countertop strikes a big claim in any contemporary design theme. Try to match any accent walls to the kitchen islands base color for a seamless look that suits any contemporary kitchen design perfectly. Functional kitchen items like a blended cutting board, flush mount grill top or marble sink are the perfect match for any contemporary kitchen island space.

Make an Impact Using Glass
Glass is another common feature found in just about every contemporary kitchen design theme. It is often used in cabinet doors, skylight windows or transoms to help create an open and airy feel. But just because you have glass faced panels on your cabinet doors doesn’t mean you need to keep you dishes neat and tidy for everyone to see—you can frost the glass so that it still gives the appearance of a sleek contemporary look, yet keeps the paper plates hidden from plain view.

Think Scandinavian
Scandinavian style cabinetry can be one of the easiest ways to develop that instant contemporary design look that appears simple and sophisticated all at once. Basic, slab-style cabinetry and countertops mixed with sleek hardware and no-fuss features are a few of the traits a contemporary and Scandinavian design share. Mix wood, bright colors and dark finishes to help unify the key components of this minimalistic approach to contemporary kitchen design.

Light Colors vs. Dark Colors
While dark colors, stones and woods tend to dominate most contemporary kitchen design themes, you can go as bright and light as you’d like without losing the contemporary feel. Bright woods like birch, white pine and maple paired with milky marbles or gorgeous golden granite countertops help bring two light colors together for a perfect light and bright contemporary kitchen space.

Adding Organics
To help balance out any contemporary design, it’s wise to add organic elements to help keep the design features down to earth. Curved lines, deep wood grains and solid stone all help to bring about the perfect natural balance and create an earthy harmony within the design. Bamboo backsplashes, rough wood finishes and crisp stone countertops are often found in the contemporary kitchen design.
The basics of contemporary kitchen design are simple: while the color and materials play an important role to bring about the design, the concept of linear design (long horizontal or vertical lines) help to add to the effect just as well. Prominent organic features help to tame the aggression of the modern look into a more contemporary styling and should be used sparingly in the contemporary kitchen design.

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