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Farmhouse kitchens are characterized by a warm and inviting rustic design. Traditionally, the farmhouse kitchen was the focal point of the entire homestead – it was a very large room that could process all of the farm’s produce and had a central fireplace in which meals were cooked in kettles.

Today, it is possible to create a kitchen with a farmhouse feel even in the most contemporary of settings. There are two main design elements that you should incorporate into your farmhouse kitchen. First, you should use natural materials (or natural looking materials) as much as possible, and second, you should select decorative features that add warmth and a sense of tradition. The most popular natural material used in farmhouse designs is wood. Often, the cabinets, furnishings and flooring are made of quality hardwood such as cherry, maple, oak and pine. There is also a tendency to choose knotted wood since the knots themselves add to the décor and charm of the kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen - Caesarstone

One of the main attractions of the farmhouse motif is the kitchen table. It is usually centrally located and very long, so as to comfortably seat a lot of people. It is most commonly made of wood, and you can specifically find many rustic designs that are made of pine and oak. You can also choose a more creative source for your table, and recycle an old barn door or picnic table. The chairs are also typically made of wood. A great design element is that the chairs don’t have to match- you can have an assortment of chairs and benches that can perfectly co-exist in the farmhouse kitchen.

farmhouse design - Caesarstone

Your choice of cabinets and cupboards also sets the tone for the kitchen. Again, wooden cabinets with a traditional design work very well. Also, you can choose antique looking cupboards or other furnishings that add a lot of warmth and style.

The kitchen countertops also have a very natural feel. Popular choices include wooden, marble or soapstone surfaces. Caesarstone has a wide selection of countertops that resemble natural stone, but are much more durable and easy to maintain. For example Caesarstone’s Coastal Grey has an incredibly rich design with various veins of deep grey. There is also the Calacatta Nuvo that resembles soft white marble.

Kitchen farm house - Caesarstone

What really gives your farmhouse kitchen an inviting and warm feel is your choice of decoration. A fireplace is by far the ultimate kitchen attraction, so if you have one you should really take advantage of it. You can decorate the mantle with different farmhouse accessories, baskets and candles for an authentic rustic look. If you don’t have a fireplace you can still achieve a similar effect by placing a small free-standing fireplace or stove in your kitchen.

On a more affordable level, a farmhouse kitchen traditionally uses boxes, baskets, bowls, jugs and crockery for both storage and décor. You can also find vintage or reproduction canning and pickle jars that also add a lot of character. These items should be displayed on top of the counters or on the tables and be filled with cooking utensils, vegetables, spices and the like.

countertops for farmhouse - Caesarstone

Farmhouse kitchens also have very decorated walls. You can choose to use wallpaper that has a farmhouse motif such as animals, flowers or a more traditional print such as a checkered pattern. If you want to go with painted walls, you can add racks and wall hooks for hanging utensils and other kitchen accessories, and also add traditional looking pictures.

To complete the farmhouse look you can invest in vintage or retro looking linen and fabrics for your curtains, tablecloths and napkins, and also place braided or rag rugs on the floor.

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