Farmhouse Kitchen - Modern Design Ideas & Decor

Farmhouse kitchens create a warm, homely feel that countless interior designers love. Throughout history, a farmhouse kitchen was the home’s focal point and main gathering place. Today, however, they can be a valuable addition even in homes where other rooms (such as a grand living space) fulfill that purpose.

In this post, we’ll give you some ideas for implementing farmhouse styles into your kitchen with ease.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Materials

Countertop: 4330 Ginger

When creating a farmhouse-style kitchen, your choice of materials is key. You should use natural materials (or at least natural-looking materials) as much as possible. Wood is a quintessential material for this style. You can rely on it for flooring, cabinetry, chairs, and your kitchen table.

Pair a primarily-wooden kitchen with quartz countertops to bring a feeling of modernity to the space. Avoid wood countertops as these are very difficult to maintain.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

A good selection of decor is the cornerstone of an authentic farmhouse style kitchen. If you have a fireplace within the kitchen (or in the living room, assuming you have an open-style layout), take advantage of it. You can decorate the mantle with different farmhouse accessories, such as baskets and candles, to create a rustic look.

If you don’t have a built-in fireplace, a free-standing one (or even a wood stove) can bring literal and visual warmth to your kitchen.

On a more affordable level, a farmhouse kitchen traditionally uses boxes, baskets, bowls, jugs, and crockery for both storage and decor. You can also find vintage or reproduction canning and pickle jars that add lots of character. Display these items on top of your countertops and tables. Don’t make them just for show, though. Allow them to be functional by storing things like spices, utensils, and vegetables inside.

Also, be sure to pay attention to your kitchen’s walls. If you like wallpaper, choose one with rural motifs such as animals, flowers, or checkered patterns. If you go with painted walls, add racks and wall hooks for hanging utensils and other kitchen accessories. Family pictures in wood frames are also a nice touch.

One last note about decor: invest in vintage or retro-looking linen for your curtains, tablecloths, and napkins. Braided or rag rugs are also a nice touch for your floors.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Appliances

Believe it or not, retro-style appliances aren’t entirely mandatory for a farmhouse style kitchen. With them, in fact, you run the risk of ending up with a kitchen that more resembles a 1960s ice cream parlour than the farmhouse aesthetic.

Stainless steel appliances are fine and can pair nicely with your quartz countertops to bring some sleekness to your otherwise rustic space.

Creating the Old Farmhouse Kitchen Look

If you want to create a true old farmhouse kitchen, reclaimed wood and antique light fixtures are great choices. Chairs, floors, tables, cabinets, and islands made from reclaimed wood can make your kitchen feel like it’s been there for centuries, even if your house is no more than a few decades old.

Be careful, though. The reclaimed wood aesthetic is very strong and not as versatile as new wood, so you may want to use it sparingly. Consider pairing it with black countertops as white can appear too fresh and jarring alongside old and worn-down timber.

As for your light fixtures, dome pendants with ornate styling are a very popular choice, as are linear pendants.

White Farmhouse Kitchen

Island: 5143 White Attica

White quartz countertops can look remarkably chic when placed in the right farmhouse kitchens. One popular aesthetic for white farmhouse kitchens involves pairing white countertops with white islands and light wood flooring. By doing this, you’ll maintain a light and airy feel with your farmhouse kitchen design.

This is particularly great if you’re working within a small space, as is often the case in modern residences. Darker elements will make the space feel cramped and reduce functionality while lighter ones enhance it.

If you feel like your farmhouse kitchen design is feeling too washed out, turn to nature. Add a few plants throughout the room to provide splashes of colour.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Most of the tips we’ve mentioned so far will help you create a rustic farmhouse kitchen with ease. Let’s briefly explore some rustic design ideas, as well.

Industrial-style elements (like metal stools, for example) can enhance rustic features. When you can, use wood on wood (i.e. wood floors paired with similar wood base cabinets) for a classic rustic aesthetic. Open wood shelving and log walls are also popular rustic design choices.

If you feel like the design has gotten too rustic, change it up with a brightly-coloured backsplash and/or contrasting quartz countertop.

Caesarstone: The Perfect Surface For All Kitchen Styles

Countertops: 6003 Coastal Grey

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decorate a modern farmhouse kitchen?

Baskets, candles, and wood-framed pictures are all examples of classic decor for a modern farmhouse-style cooking area. Found and vintage items are also great to include as decor for a farmhouse kitchen since they can bring some genuine charm to the space.

What does a farmhouse kitchen look like?

There are very few hard rules you need to follow to create a farm style kitchen. Many interior designers incorporate multiple styles. All will typically make liberal use of wood (reclaimed or new) as well as cabinets and fixtures with ornate stylings as opposed to a sleek, contemporary design.

What colour should I paint my farmhouse kitchen?

Use neutral colours. If you can, allow your kitchen to draw its primary hue from natural elements like wood or stone (including engineered stone like quartz). The wall paint should complement and enhance these elements.

What is a farmhouse kitchen sink?

A farmhouse sink is much deeper and larger than typical sinks. This is because people historically used them to wash clothes. Whereas most types of sinks rest on top of the surface (or underneath it), a farmhouse sink requires a large cutout, as seen above.

Quartz is a great material to use for farmhouse sinks since it’s highly durable and resists chipping, which is a common risk with this sink style.