French Kitchens

A French kitchen with its smooth lines, detailed woodworking and elegant stonework is a classic kitchen design style that has been popular for a long time—and will continue to be popular throughout the foreseeable future. A good French kitchen design not only creates a design that will last for the life of your kitchen, it also helps to create a warm and cozy space that looks like you stepped into the old world. And since a French kitchen has a timeless look—whether it is rustic, traditional or contemporary—French kitchen designs never go out of style. Create your own French kitchen design by using the following design tips and ideas.

French inspired cabinetry and islands are one of the easiest to spot—they almost always look like furniture. Long curved legs, raised paneling and ornate woodworking’s give the French kitchen its unmistakable charm. Whether it’s all wood, painted or stained, French styled kitchens all share one design trait in common—they tend to mimic a table or chairs styling’s more than traditional modern day cabinetry.

White and Bright
More often than not, the French kitchen design is dominated by white colors. From cabinets to flooring to countertops, white is used very frequently in the French kitchen space. One of the more common uses of white in the French kitchen is the use of white marble for the countertops. This gives the space a truly elegant look that brings out the best of any French-themed design.

French Kitchen_mini

Mix and Match
There are a wide variety of materials that are commonly used in the French kitchen design. Stainless steel, copper and stone are all very useful for creating a French inspired kitchen. But the problem with these materials is that they can easily over-dominate a kitchen, causing your French kitchen to look too modern. By creating a thinner mix of steel, copper and stone so that it’s speckled throughout the design, you’ll be better able to keep up with the French look than if just one of these materials were to be used predominantly instead of being blended together seamlessly.

Soft and Smooth
Soft lines and smooth transitions are what make a French designed kitchen great. Slow curves, soft colors and smooth materials help to give a French inspired kitchen comfort and warmth. Rough surfaces are avoided and a smooth, marble like feel is substituted to help make this kitchen design style feel warm and pleasant.

Whether it’s a classy chandelier or a pair of matching vases, antiques can help add to the old world flavor to a modern kitchen. This is especially true when it comes to a rustic French kitchen. Antiques help to give the French kitchen the old world patina that makes it feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Arches and arcs are all a very common theme throughout any French inspired design. Used over windows, doorways and even as range hoods, arches can be used heavily or as a single centerpiece, making them one of the many reasons why French designed kitchens are such a versatile and timeless design. Fleur-de-lis is often added to an archway center to add an unmistakable French styling that pairs well with a wide variety of kitchen materials.

Somewhere in every French kitchen, there’s a sprinkling of metal objects. Whether it is a small copper kettle or a large wrought iron chandelier or an entire ensemble of stainless steel appliances, metal is one of the common traits of a French inspired design theme. Mixing and matching darker metals like copper and iron with deep, rich hardwoods—all topped with creamy white marble, can help to create a French country style. Or you can change the styling, simply by changing the colors around: white cabinets with black granite and lighter colored metals like stainless steel appliances and you’ve got a more classic French kitchen design styling.

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