Grey Kitchens & Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey is currently one of the hottest neutral colours in interior design, as evidenced by the many grey kitchen cabinets, countertops, and floors gracing the latest editions of magazines.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips for designing vibrant grey kitchens that defy the colour’s association with drabness. We’ll answer many common questions about grey kitchens and help you choose the other colours and surfaces that will enhance your design.

Grey Kitchens: Design Ideas

White and Grey Kitchens

Countertop: 2003 Concrete

Pairing white and grey in your kitchen can produce a much bolder visual effect than you might expect given how close they are on the colour wheel. There are many ways you can go about creating white and grey kitchens. As shown in the picture above, you can pair grey countertops with white cabinets to create contrast without being too aggressive as in white and black.

If you’re set on grey cabinets, though, you can liven up your kitchen by using white countertops (see the picture below). This is perfect if, in the process of designing your kitchen, you fear it becoming too grey.

Countertop: 6134 Georgian Bluffs

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking to create an industrial-feeling space, white countertops or cabinets may feel too pure. One popular trick among interior designers is to use various shades of grey throughout the kitchen. This creates sleekness and depth.

Take a look at the kitchen below. The countertops are the embodiment of the ‘complementary shades of grey’ design choice. The main hue is light grey but the surface also contains specs of various shades.

The grey kitchen cabinets accentuate this with their streamlined and metallic-like matte finish.

As a whole, the kitchen’s use of grey works to build anticipation for some sort of bold accent, which the yellow designer chair in the corner (and even the blue ocean beyond the window) provides.

Countertop: Clamshell 4130

As a side note, you should also pay attention to the use of decor in the kitchen. The hanging spherical bulbs are another nice modern touch that enhances the space’s playfulness.

Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Light grey kitchen cabinets can impart a subtle elegance without feeling too uptight or conservative. This is why light grey tends to be popular in industrial spaces designed to facilitate creative thinking.

Consider pairing light grey cabinets with countertops such as 4044 Airy Concrete. Where this colour theme really shines is when you also incorporate bolder accent colours elsewhere in your kitchen, such as on the walls or backsplash. This truly completes the playful look.

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

That’s not to say dark grey kitchen cabinets don’t have their merit. On the contrary, dark grey can look good if you are going for a more authoritative, conservative appearance. Just be conscious of the fact that you risk creating a kitchen that feels too sombre. You can compensate for this by using lighter countertops atop your grey cabinets, as we suggested in the first tip.

Grey Kitchen Walls

Tabletop: 6338 Woodlands

Many interior designers recommend keeping your walls neutral. This allows you to pursue more adventurous colour choices with the less-permanent components of your kitchen. Grey kitchen walls can serve as a great canvas on which you can mix and match complementary hues to craft a personalized space.

That said, if you’re working in a smaller kitchen, you may want to stick to lighter shades of grey for your walls. It’s well-known among interior designers that dark colours make a room feel smaller.

Grey Modern Kitchen vs. Traditional

Whether you create a grey modern kitchen or a traditional one depends heavily on several factors.

For one, modern kitchen cabinets are typically very minimal. Hardware is either basic or nonexistent, as are any carved patterns in the cabinet face.

If you do want to create a traditional kitchen, combine grey with natural wooden elements, as seen below. Kitchens that use wooden cabinetry and parquet floors achieve a very inviting feel.

Countertop: Coastal Grey 6003

Caesarstone: The Surface Of Choice For Kitchens Of Any Hue

Regardless of what approach you take to designing a grey kitchen, you need quality countertops to achieve peak functionality. That’s where our extensive offering at Caesarstone comes in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have grey kitchen cabinets; what colour walls should I choose?

Grey is such an effectively neutral colour that you truly have your pick of almost every hue on the colour wheel. That said, be sure to think about what overall theme you’re looking to create in your kitchen. Another shade of grey can impart a sophisticated and slightly more conservative look in your kitchen. You can also use white to create some subtle contrast in the kitchen.

You can even use the same colour for your walls as your cabinets if you want to create a very cohesive look throughout the kitchen. Most interior designers, though, will use various shades of grey to avoid any one colour becoming too overpowering.

What colour floor goes with a grey kitchen?

Two of the most classic choices for flooring alongside a grey kitchen are white and hardwood. Paired with grey walls and/or cabinets, these choices will create the perfect canvas for other elements in your kitchen.

Some interior designers also use a lighter shade of grey on their flooring if they’re opposed to hardwood and feel like white would create too stark a contrast.

What floor tiles go with a grey kitchen?

If you’re concerned your kitchen isn’t grey enough, you can actually compensate for this using darker grey tiles. If you’re working in a small kitchen, use larger tiles to make it feel bigger.

You can also use tiles of another neutral colour if enhancing your kitchen’s grey aesthetic is not the goal. White and cream are two popular options in this case.