Grey Kitchens

Grey kitchen - hottest neutral tone

More and more homeowners are choosing to have grey coloured kitchens, as grey is considered by many designers to be the hottest neutral tone in 2014 .Grey seems to exude a sense of sophistication and glamour and works very well for both contemporary and traditional kitchens. The great advantage of grey is that it adds a soothing quality to the kitchen space without making it too serious or dark.

There are kitchen designs that exclusively use grey and there are those that combine it with other materials and hues. The kitchens that only use grey often have a delicate play of layers and shades that give it sleekness and depth. If you want to go for this option, you need to be careful not to make your kitchen design too ‘cold’.

There are many different things you can do to add warmth. For example, if you choose grey painted cabinetry it will automatically give your kitchen a warmer feel.

The wonderful thing about grey is that it is a fabulous ‘supporting’ colour and you can find many kitchen designs that combine grey with other colours. If you want an ultra-modern look you can have an all grey kitchen and then add a contrasting hot and bold hue such as red, orange or yellow.

You can also create a very warm grey kitchen by combining the color with elements made of natural wood, ceramics and other warm hues.

grey kitchen - Caesarstone

Grey kitchens have a very contemporary and clean design. There is an emphasis on straight lines in the kitchen, and different shades and textures of grey are used to give the space a sophisticated look. The countertops use the Caesarstone’s Clamshell 4130 color which is a light grey design with abstract spots of different shades of grey.

The cabinets are very streamlined and have a metallic-like matt finish. The floor uses a deeper and warmer shade of grey which gives the space a more intimate feel. The grey kitchen tones work brilliantly to anchor bold colours, ensuring that they don’t overpower a space. In this case the bright yellow designer chair in the corner is well grounded among the shades of grey.

If you want your kitchen to have a warmer and more traditional design, combine grey with natural wooden elements. Kitchens that use wooden cabinetry and parquet floors to give it a very inviting feel. The countertops use Caesarstone’s Coastal Grey 6003 which has an intricate play of grey, black and white veins.

Another design element that adds warmth to the kitchen is the red brick wall. The wall adds a touch of nostalgia and works well in its natural terracotta form. If you want a greyer kitchen you can also use grey bricks for the backsplash.

Monochromatic kitchens also have an incredible appeal and achieve their refined look through their rich use of textures. The kitchen featured below uses Caesarstone’s 4040 color which is a light grey countertop that integrates light and dark abstract grey marks.

The white cabinetry and chairs communicate a simple elegance. The eye is automatically drawn to the rich dark grey floral print on the wall. This modern take of a traditional print is very effective and adds depth and interest to the kitchen.

grey kitchens - Caesarstone

Grey is an incredibly versatile colour and is highly compatible with different materials and hues. In the kitchen below, grey is used both in its metallic and concrete form. It uses metallic appliances, has a metallic backsplash and hood, and a variety of metallic decorative elements such as the scale and jug on top of the hood.

The cabinets have a deep green shade with a very distinguished metallic lining. To compliment this industrial look, the kitchen uses Caesarstone’s Sleek Concrete 4003 that seamlessly continues the flow of the kitchen.

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