2016 Hot Kitchen Trends

(that will make your surface hot too)

This year 2016 is all about convenience, about you. Making your kitchen custom to your needs. Make this your year of simplicity because luxury is simple.hk1

Rule Number 1: Keep it simple. You want to see your space that you have worked so hard designing and renovating. Showcase that piece of work you call art. Don’t overwhelm your kitchen with big and bulky appliances, keep them in a wall alignment with one another. You can also try an open floor plan, it makes the kitchen space appear much bigger.

Another way to keep it simple is by maintaining your cabinetry space clean and easy to store kitchen ware. Stackable cook ware is the best to keep your shelves organized. As well as adding different sizes, the more storage you have, the better.

Diane Moorhouse
Sunhouse Designs
4001 Fresh Concrete

Rule Number 2: Make it your own. Don’t forget to always add in your own flair. Perhaps you want to design your own backsplash or give a little bit of contrast between the countertop. It is an important feature in your kitchen that gives hk3you self-expression.

Another important feature that exemplifies expression to your kitchen is colour. Deciding on a colour of the wall, cabinetry, or countertop can be difficult. In 2016 you will be seeing a lot of ‘off white’ colours. Country chic is the style for this year kitchen design. It is simple and elegant and blends perfectly with that contemporary style you’ve been looking for. Caesarstone has a variety of, white, creams and grey colours perfect for your countertop and backsplash.

Rule number 3: Metal with it. Yes, metallic won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Accent your simple and luxurious kitchen with metallic accent pieces. Bar stools, accessories, faucets, anything you can think of in metallic buy it, just don’t go over the top. This will add personality to your space and distinguish your kitchen from the rest.

Ashley Campbell Interior Design
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