How to Design a Kitchen

Designing your dream kitchen can seem overwhelming at first. There are so many choices out there- from different styles of kitchens, to endless materials and colours.

The good news is that once you get into it, and expose yourself to different alternatives, you will soon find yourself narrowing down your selection and zooming into the style that best suits your needs and preferences.

In order to help you design your kitchen, Caesarstone has created a user friendly software program called the Visualiser that lets you play around with the different surfaces of the kitchen so that you can gain a real sense of what your kitchen will look like.

The Visualiser provides two kitchen style alternatives- a traditional kitchen and a transitional kitchen. Below is a picture of the default traditional kitchen on the Visualiser. The kitchen is warm and inviting and has beautiful oak cabinets along the wall and on the kitchen island.

The top cabinets have semi-transparent glass doors which add to the airiness of the kitchen. To complement the wood, the kitchen uses Caesarstone’s 5131 Calacatta Nuvo, a stylish surface with a marble-like design.
The Calacatta Nuvo is used on the kitchen counter, the backsplash and the island.

The floors are of Caesarstone’s 6131 Bianco Drift – a light coloured surface that adds to the brightness of the kitchen. Finally, the wall, painted in dark grey, delineates the kitchen and provides it with a dark anchor.

Caesarstone - design a kitchen

And now, using the Visualiser, in just a few clicks, the kitchen can be changed around.. The cabinets are now a deep red walnut and the countertops are a dark brown using Caesarstone’s Cocoa Fudge 4260 design.

The back splash was kept bright, but changed to the Motivo Braids 2220 - a textured surface that adds interest and depth. To complement the brown palate, the floor is made of Caesarstone’s Urban Safari 5134 and the
walls are coloured a soft beige.

Caesarstone - how to design a kitchen

Now let's have a look at a more modern kitchen layout. Below is a picture of the default kitchen in the Visualiser. It has a clean contemporary layout with seamless cabinets along the wall and a mixture of closed and open
cabinets on the island.

A practical feature is that there is a table that extends from the island that provides extra working space. As far as the colouring is concerned, the black and grey palette communicates sophistication and a cool chic.
The cabinets are a dark grey and the surfaces are made of Caesarstone’s new Sleek Concrete 4003 (for the countertop, island and backsplash).

The white wall adds brightness to the space as do does the floor which is made of Caesarstone’s 2141 Classico Blizzard.

Caesarstone - quartz countertops for kitchen

If you fancy a more colourful kitchen, you can use the Visualiser to let imagination run wild. The kitchen below has fire engine red counters and which are surrounded by texturally rich surfaces On the island and
main counter, Caesarstone’s 8616 Blue Tiger Eye is used.

This captivating surface is made from semi-precious stones and is part of Caesarstone’s ‘Concetto’ collection. The Tiger Eye design has an intricate play of blues, yellows, blacks and orange reds which work well with the
red cabinets. For the backsplash, the 8141 White Quartz, was chosen.

The White Quartz is also part of the ‘Concetto’ collection and has a beautiful play of crystals. Since the surface has a translucent nature, you can add lights to the back which will extenuate the detail in the crystals.

To add warmth, the flooring is made of Caesarstone’s 4360 Wild Rice- a rich brown tone that ties in well with the counters and also softens the look of the kitchen. The walls are painted a light grey which compliments the
backsplash and also tones down the kitchen a little bit.

Caesarstone - designing a kitchen

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