Italian Kitchens

From rustic to country to Mediterranean and more, Italian styled kitchen designs are one of the most classic, timeless and welcoming kitchen design themes you can create. You don’t have to be Italian to love Tuscan stucco walls, natural stone and rich woods to enjoy the feeling an Italian themed kitchen can provide. Whether you’re looking to create a complete Italian kitchen or you’re looking to fill in a smaller area of your kitchen with this amazing design theme, use the following tips and techniques for designing an Italian kitchen and kick start your project today.

Traditional Italian
Many people choose the traditional look for an Italian kitchen because it tends to match the more modern design elements of modern appliances and cabinetry. Simple and clean lines are used in traditional Italian countertops and cabinetry—just like in modern kitchen design themes, making them a perfect match for each other. Stonework is a common element on the walls, countertops and flooring speckled with wooden elements like cabinetry and trim brings the elements of the design together. Open and airy spaces are also prevalent in a traditional Italian design and can keep the dark and rich colors of the wood and stone from overwhelming the room.

If you’re really going for that old world feeling, nothing beats the look of a rustic-styled Italian kitchen. Rough sawn cedar beams, hardwood cabinets and solid stone flooring/countertops ensure that you get all of the Italian kitchen elements aligned perfectly throughout the design. A rustic kitchen is often designed like a black and white kitchen in that it’s dominated by two shades of colors. In the case of a rustic Italian kitchen design, its two predominate colors could be white marble counters and dark colored woods like oak. You could also swap the colors around by using a light colored wood cabinet like birch and a black granite countertop to keep up with the contrasting theme that’s often found in the rustic Italian kitchen.

Italian kitchen


One of the other offshoots of the great Italian kitchen design is the Mediterranean style. It’s a more colorful, open and curvy design that’s filled with white and bright colors, shades and tones, all accented with bold and beautiful windows and door openings. Plenty of natural lighting mixed with the bright walls, floors, cabinets and countertops make the Mediterranean kitchen design theme one that makes any homes kitchen feel like a clean and comfortable space.

This design theme was taken from the gentle hills and mountains of the old world designs. Lots of rustic stucco walls, plenty of brick tiles and deep hardwoods. Tuscan style is very similar to the rustic Italian style with the exception that there is a more confined feeling to the space, giving it a cozy and warm feeling rather than providing an open and airy space. Lots of open-faced shelving, deep cabinet and plenty of stone countertops make the Tuscan kitchen not only a soft and heartwarming place to cook; it’s also a great place to eat as well.

Some features, fixtures and appliances can also help to make an Italian designed kitchen come to life. Features that offer an Italian theme are also a great way to add a small Italian design theme to a portion of your kitchen space.
Open hearths are a common feature that can be found in many Italian themed kitchen spaces. Whether they are just simply a small gas powered fireplace that is more for show than for real cooking, or it’s a full blown wood fired oven used for making the best traditional pizzas and other Italian dishes, features like these help to make an Italian kitchen feel authentic.
Exposed beams are another feature that can add more Italian styling to the design theme. Large wooden beams help to add the old world charm to rustic, traditional and Tuscan designs and can be a great feature that’s just as easy to install in a new kitchen as an existing one.

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