Kitchen Decor - Top Decorating Ideas

If you are a DIY kind of person, you can have a lot of fun decorating your kitchen. YouTube is filled with instructional videos on how to paint, put up wallpaper and even change tiles. Each one of these projects can significantly change the look or your kitchen and give it a refreshing facelift.

Painting your kitchen walls is bound to give it a fresh new feel. There are endless colours to choose from and if you want to add textural depth to your kitchen there are specific techniques that let you manipulate the surface of the wall.

Painting doesn’t have to stop at the walls! There are specialized stains and paints for cabinets and in a relatively short period of time the entire look of your cabinets can be transformed. Some individuals also choose to paint their ceilings. If you are in a Leonardo Da Vinci mode you should consider this option….

Wallpaper is another fantastic medium that can easily transform the look of your kitchen. There are endless wallpaper designs to choose from- from calming natural scenes to psychedelic designs. Depending on the size of your kitchen, decide whether you want to cover all of the walls with wallpaper or just concentrate on a single wall and make it a focal point.

Additionally, wallpaper can be applied to cabinets and give worn furnishings a refreshing new look. For example, wallpaper can be placed on the front of the cabinets to give them a new façade. Another option is to place wallpaper at the back of cabinets which have transparent glass cabinet doors.

This way, the wallpaper is visible through the cabinet and adds a nice touch of colour or decoration. It can of course be applied as a background to any open shelves or can be used to cover the shelves themselves.

Wallpaper also works well as a backsplash. If you choose a bright colour such as red or orange it will certainly add pizazz to your kitchen and for a more traditional look, there are many wallpaper prints with tile or floral designs.
If you are especially handy, changing the tiles on your kitchen is a big, but doable project.

Placing attractive tiles on your backsplash or on a wall can significantly upgrade your kitchen. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and textures- from super modern to traditional. There is a growing trend to place the tiles in a less symmetrical fashion and in this way add textual depth and interests.

A great way to see your kitchen in a whole new light is to change the lighting fixtures. The lighter the kitchen the more it will feel airy and inviting. There are beautiful chandeliers that work well in kitchens and give them a luxurious feel.

If you have an island or dining table, consider installing several pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. A known trick that makes the kitchen appear larger is to add under-counter lights.

You can always opt for a large kitchen renovation in which you change your cabinets, countertops, floors etc. For these larger projects you will obviously need the help of professionals. Caesarstone has a wide selection of surfaces that are perfect for island tops, kitchen counters, floors, tables and backsplashes.

Before you make your choice, have a look at some of the exciting kitchens created using Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces.