Kitchen Design Ideas For Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Design Ideas – Diverse and Practical Applications

Many people, when thinking of kitchen design ideas want some type of security. Will their new kitchen have issues? Will their cabinets, countertops, wall paneling etc.
break down? Will the materials used be easy to incorporate? Will colors and textures match? At Caesarstone, we’ve already thought about all of these.

That’s why we offer a product warranty. We are confident that kitchen design ideas that incorporate the use of our materials are safe and effective ideas that will allow for the most diverse and practical kitchen applications.

Kitchen Design Ideas - Caesarstone


Kitchen Design Ideas – Fitting a Broad Spectrum of Sensibilities

Kitchen design ideas are truly applicable to a wide range of usages when you go with Caesarstone composite quartz. Just some of those uses include kitchen cabinets and countertops that match the rest of your kitchen furniture.
By providing our customers with composite quartz that has an extensive colour range that goes from fine-grained salt and pepper to coarse-grained color blends, we help create spaces that fit a broad spectrum of senses and sensibilities.

White Kitchen Design Ideas - Caesarstone

Moreover, kitchen design ideas wherein Caesarstone countertops play a part are visionary. Whether you are designing, building or furnishing a new home or commercial space, they balance control and freedom with a decidedly pragmatic need for durability and style.

Caesarstone composite quartz is an essential ingredient for our customers that desire the innovative choices and quality of service we offer. We believe that your ideas combined with our materials equals a long term investment with a value beyond price.


New kitchen design ideas

The kitchen is often the hub of the home and it is important that it is a space that everyone enjoys spending time in. Kitchens today are being defined as “the new family rooms” and often incorporate the dining room and/or sitting room in a unified open floor plan. If you have decided to renovate your kitchen, here are a few of the top kitchen trends that you should keep in mind.

First, white kitchens are here to stay. They are beautiful and timeless and can be created in any style (modern, traditional etc.).

Second, concrete countertops are increasingly growing in popularity. They are part of the broader ‘industrial design’ trend which varies between a kitchens with a dominant industrial feel to those with touches of industrial elements. Finally, kitchens with a strong metallic design are gaining momentum.

The most popular colouring for these kitchens is of course silver and chrome, but yellow metals are also making headway.

Why are white kitchens so appealing? Perhaps it is the purity of their design. White is soothing to the eye and also helps the space looks larger than it is. A wonderful advantage is that depth can be added to the kitchen by mixing different white colored materials which give a luxurious chic.

For example, the kitchen below has white colored cabinets with an ultra-clean design. The handles consist of grooves within the doors which provide the kitchen a smooth and modern appeal. The breathtaking countertop is made of Ceasarstone’s 8141 design​.

The surface of the countertop is unique since it is made from white quartz and has a delicate play of white crystals. In some kitchens, the white quartz was placed on the backsplash and illuminated. The illumination further accentuates the delicateness of the design and provides the kitchen a truly luxurious feel. The 8141 design is part of Ceasarstone’s exclusive Concerto collection- a collection made entirely semi-precious stones.

The ‘industrial design’ trend is a major trend affecting all aspects of interior design, including of course kitchens. One can find kitchens with a strong industrial feel and those that just have a touch of industrial elements such as a bare concrete wall or light fittings that with an industrial feel.

Concrete countertops perfectly compliment the pure industrial look and have also found their way into softer designs. For example, the kitchen below has a clean and modern look. The island is made using Caesarstone’s 4003 Sleek Concrete design that has a light grey colouring.

The island is striking- is massiveness turns it into a centerpiece of the house and is clean sophistication makes a statement all on its own. The relatively airy elements that surround the island such as a ‘floating’ stairs and finalistic furnishings, perfectly balance out the composition of the space. ​

Finally, there is a growing trend towards kitchens that have a metallic look. This trend is also related to the ‘industrial style’ and primarily incorporates stainless steel appliances and accessories. The kitchen below is a prime example of the metallic style.

It has a metallic backsplash, a metal covered cupboard, a stainless steel hood and many metallic accessories (cupboard handles, metallic jugs and containers on the hood etc.).

To compliment this style, Caesarstone’s 2003 concrete surface​ was chosen. Its deep grey tone perfectly blends with the stainless steel and adds to textural depth to the kitchen. In order to add an element of warmth to the kitchen, dark green cupboards were chosen. They too have metallic strips, yet their deep and warm tone anchors the kitchen.

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