Kitchen Facelift Ideas

Give your kitchen a new look with these simple ideas
There are thousands of ways to spruce up your kitchen, the only limit is your imagination. We’ve highlighted some of the easiest fixes you can apply to your remodeling project, including some unexpected surprises that just might become your favorite features.

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas - Caesarstone

Since cabinets take up the a lot of wall space, it’s a logical place to start your kitchen transformation. You can reface the existing doors you have as long as your cabinet units themselves are in good working order. Premade doors are available at bigger hardware stores and home décor outlets, or you can tackle the job yourself with some paint and new hardware. If you really want to amp things up, add some crown molding to the tops of your cabinets. If your cabinet doors are solid wood, bringing out the existing wood grain by using of all-in-one wood stain and a polyurethane sealant is another option.

Your kitchen backsplash can add a visual interest to a room, and is a great way to bring together the other design elements of the space. Backsplash surfaces can either be placed straight against your wall, or in the case of smaller tiles like glass or ceramic, can be found pre-mounted on mesh sheets, for easier installation. Here quartz is ideal; using a tone which matches or compliments your countertop can work brilliantly to enhance the look of your kitchen space.

kitchen facelift - Caesarstone

Your appliances are undoubtedly a costly portion of your kitchen, and if they’re in proper working order there’s no need, there’s no need to replace them simple to create a different look. If you’re unhappy with plain white kitchen appliances, regular automotive paint can be used to excellent effect, again here you can choose tones which blend with the space, or even contrast, in case of a large standalone refrigerator, for example.

The Little Things
Proper attention to smaller details can amplify the end result of your kitchen facelift project. Replace chrome finished faucets with more modern brushed nickel to instantly add a contemporary touch. Refinish or replace switch plates and outlet covers to add to your overall design scheme, rather than distracting from it. Switch out light shades or globes, and don’t forget about the bulb itself — modern low-energy CFL bulbs are available in a variety of tones which match closely natural light. Add additional lights under your cabinets and beneath the toe guards near the floor for extra visual ambience. Complete your kitchen facelift by replacing the window coverings, reupholstering stools and chairs, or simply adding some interesting seat cushions. By paying careful attention to these details in addition to the larger projects, you’ll have an attractive new kitchen without the need to completely refit.

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