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The kitchen is often the heart of the home and the busiest room of all. It is important that you enjoy spending time in it and that it meets your needs. Your kitchen might have limitations that you cannot control such as size, direction or quantity of natural light, however, there are many design elements you can employ in order to make the best of your kitchen and so that you adore every square inch of it.

Before you begin your kitchen makeover, decide what parts you are going to keep. Are the appliances staying? Are you going to change the counters or sinks? Are the cabinets in good condition and you only need to change their façade? Based upon the elements that you are going to keep you should start exploring your different design options.
Transitioning from a traditional kitchen to a modern kitchen usually requires a complete kitchen makeover. In the ultra-modern kitchens everything should be aligned- the cupboards should be minimalistic with little or no accessories, the appliances need to be modern and preferably built into the cupboards, and the ornamentation kept to a bare minimum.

Below is an example of a modern kitchen makeover. The kitchen incorporates a black, grey and white palette and has a chic and industrial look to it. At its center is a large kitchen island covered in Caesarstone’s 5130 Cosmopolitan White surface. The Cosmopolitan White is a new design by Caesarstone and has a white texture made up of rich white quartz veins combined with delicate sprinkles of darker toned quartz. The square white sink works beautifully with the rectangular shape of the island and the aluminum tap provides some metallic zest. The grey textured wall behind the island has a strong industrial tone and while unadorned, has a dramatic presence. The wall clearly delineates the kitchen and further accentuates the whiteness of the island. Additionally, the industrial style is enhanced by the large black and metallic light fixtures.

kitchen makeovers3

If you prefer a kitchen with a warmer feel to it, the kitchen makeover showcased below utilizes wood and soft brown tones. (In general, if you want to add warmth to any space, adding wooden elements should do the trick). For example, in this kitchen the large parquet floors make the space feel homely and inviting. The kitchen has a large kitchen island that is split into a work/storage space and a dinning table. The countertop of the island (as well as the backsplash and surface of the main kitchen area) is made using Caesarstone’s 5134 Urban Safari. The Urban Safari has a natural stone feel to it and is made using light bright tones with white veins running through it. The dark brown wood-like furnishings contribute to the warmth of the kitchen. The cabinets don’t have any handles or accessories and from a distance look like a single block. The stainless steel kitchen stove also adds to the textual depth of the kitchen. It is a relatively large stove and while it has a modern design, it incorporates some retro chic.

kitchen makeovers

A growing kitchen makeover trend is to create white kitchens that have a contemporary and clean style. The luxurious kitchen below has white cabinets, floors, furnishings and walls. While the counters could have been white, the designers chose to use Caesarstone’s 2370 Mocha. The soft brown softens the look of the kitchen and adds warmth to it. The Mocha surface was used on the main kitchen counter and on part of the backsplash as well as on the island. A great feature of the kitchen is that the Mocha surface was used to create a small table at the end of the island.

kitchen makeovers2

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