Kitchen Remodelling Ideas 2018

Remodelling your kitchen is an exciting yet stressful process. Achieving the perfect design for your kitchen may seem tedious at times, but ultimately worthwhile when you see your vision come to life. When planning your next renovation, it is important to explore the different looks available in order to find one you love. To ease the process, we’ve combined a list of our favourite classic kitchen trends to help find one that is best suited for you.

Kitchen Remodelling Idea 1 – White Kitchen

Timeless, fresh, and always a classic, the white kitchen is inspiring design across the nation. Brighten up your kitchen space with a Caesarstone white quartz countertop, paired with all-white glossy cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances and fixtures. Create a contrast to this crisp and clean look by incorporating a accent wall of colour to really make this area pop.

Kitchen Remodelling Idea 2 – Modern Kitchen

Dare to be different and veer away from the traditional kitchen by incorporating modern trends in your next remodel. A countertop from Caesarstone’s concrete series, paired with sleek cabinetry and a multipurpose island, is the perfect way to achieve this urban industrial kitchen trend. Finish the look with smart appliances and add open wall shelving to make the most of this modern look.


Kitchen Remodelling Idea 3 – Country Kitchen

The classic country kitchen design is the perfect choice to give your home a warm and welcoming feel. Inspired by vintage designs, the country kitchen is a great way to incorporate natural tones in your next remodel. Mix and matching warm cool stone floors with rustic wood cabinetry, and light-colour countertop, will maximize the most of this elegant design.

Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodelling

Make the most of your small kitchen by incorporating bright light and natural tones. Choosing a light coloured countertop, paired with sot cabinetry and natural lighting is a great way to open up your kitchen area. Embrace the minimalist approach by adding sliding storage will not only give your kitchen a sleek vibe, but also eliminate additional cluster.


Exploring different kitchen trends is a great way to eliminate time and cost during your kitchen renovation process. Bring your vision to life with the help of Caesarstone’s visualizer stimulator. Mix and match different countertops, cabinetry and wall paint to find a look that suits you best. Created to inspire and designed to last, Caesarstone’s myriad of colours and patterns are the perfect touch to your kitchen décor.