Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2016

Designers are placing more and more emphasis on kitchen design and are developing new creations that offer homeowners exciting alternatives. In general there is definite shift towards modern kitchens- cabinets, furnishings and accessories are all being streamlined to adhere to a clean look that often incorporates straight lines and is mostly unadorned. The top trends to look out for in 2016 are personalized cabinets, kitchens with clean lines and horizontal orientation cabinetry.

Homeowners are increasingly choosing to invest in custom-made cabinets that perfectly match their needs and there has been a marked decrease in ‘cookie-cutter’ kitchen design solutions.

Consumers are taking the time to choose the perfect style and colouration and also placing great emphasis on functionality. When it comes to functionality there are two main elements that play a major role- storage and technological advancements. When space is limited, storage becomes a primary factor and “smart” cabinets and solutions can dramatically increase space. As well, homeowners are incorporating more technological solutions into their kitchens- they want designated spaces to charge their electronic devices and to view their plasma screens etc.

kitchen trends 2016 - Caesarstone canada

The kitchen above is a perfect example of how tailor-made cabinets provide a kitchen with a sophisticated look and maximize space (see the units under the staircase). The kitchen has a modern design with clean and straight lines. The cabinets of course play a major role in the design but so too does the impressive island in the center. The island and main countertop are made using Caesarstone’s 2141 Blizzard design. The design consists of intricate white pebbles which form a soothing and calming surface. The Blizzard design, with its pure white colouring, adds textual depth to the kitchen and further enhances its luxurious style.

The second dominant trend is kitchens with clean lines. A major advantage of clean lines is that they tend to offset the tension between rustic, modern and transitional kitchens. The trend is especially evident when it comes to cabinet design, as today’s demand is for cabinets that are unadorned with a minimalist and ‘simple’ feel.

caesarstone canada countertops - trends 2016

Above is an example of a contemporary black and white kitchen. The clean lines dominate the design with the large vertical cupboards alongside the wall, black horizontal panels near the ceiling, and the island in the centre of the kitchen. The kitchen island was designed using Caesarstone’s 9601 surface. The surface is part of Caesarstone’s Classico collection and provides the kitchen with a clean and chic look. In line with the modern style, the kitchen is unembellished- it has a large and rectangular lamp which reinforces the clean line decor, as do the chairs.

Another trend to watch out for is horizontal orientation cabinetry. While vertical rectangles and squares are still the dominant choice for kitchen cabinets, there is a steady and growing rise in horizontal cabinetry (according to Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc.). The horizontal cabinets provide easier access than the vertical ones, and in line with the modern style, provide the kitchen with a cleaner and more refined look.
The kitchen below has a spacious and clean style with large horizontal cabinets. There are two stories of cabinets above the counter and smaller horizontal drawers and cabinets below it. Once again the white cabinets are unadorned and provide the kitchen with a clean and subtle design. The countertop is made of Caesarstone’s 7141 design- a surface with a slightly grey tint that compliments the silver elements in the kitchen. The pink colouring on the wall, adds vitality to the ensemble and makes it even more cheerful and inviting.

7141 Quartz Reflections - Caesarstone canada

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