Luxury Kitchens

When it comes to interior décor, there is something very exciting about luxury kitchens. When budget is not an issue, it is wonderful to see how designers use the finest materials to create kitchens that have a remarkable blend of colours and textures. Many interior designers choose to work with Caesarstone countertops since they provide the aesthetic excellence that they seek and in parallel, their high durability makes them an ideal choice for today’s modern consumer.

The luxury minimalistic kitchen below has a quiet sophistication and a timeless appeal. First of all, its sheer size and spaciousness give it an inherent allure. In order to give it warmth, the kitchen incorporates natural wooden elements. The large counter on the left is made from natural coloured wood which adds liveliness and depth. The parquet floors which run throughout the space add a homely feel and a touch of rustic style. The large kitchen island is a major decorative element and is made using Caesarstone’s 5133 Symphony Grey- a new design which has an exquisite blend of grey hues with a touch of white streaks. The fact that the island is made entirely of Symphony Grey gives it a uniform and clean look. The kitchen also incorporates a large kitchen table made from Symphony Grey.

Similar in width to the counter, the table and countertop offer a unique symmetry to the kitchen. The table itself is especially long and its simple construction adds to the minimalistic appeal of the kitchen. To complement the grey of the counters, the concrete celling provides a colder tone and a touch of an industrial look. When it comes to furnishings and lighting, various black elements fill the space. There is the long black couch along the wall and black chairs. The lighting consists of black pendulum lights and a strip of black that houses spot lights. Keeping the kitchen truly minimalistic, it is virtually unadorned so that the play of textures, colours and light shines through.

luxury kitchens

Another enchanting luxury kitchen is this modern white kitchen. Again, its spaciousness makes it inviting and its layout is well planned and convenient. The majority of the kitchen is white- it has large seamless cabinets located along the main wall and on the island that provide ample storage space. The designers also incorporated top cabinets with semi-transparent glass doors. The glass adds to the openness of the kitchen and introduces another material that contributes to the textural depth of the kitchen. The countertops are made using Caesarstone’s 2370 Mocha design. The light brown counters offer a soft contrast to the white furnishings and give the kitchen a well-balanced colouring. The kitchen has three main counters- the main counter along the wall, the island, and again a kitchen table made from Caesarstone’s Mocha surface. The table has a modern half square shape and beautifully extends the kitchen island.

luxury kitchens 2370

Designers are also creating modern luxury kitchens that have a strong industrial feel to them. As can be seen in the kitchen below, the use of metallic elements is striking- the hood, backsplash and appliances are all stainless steel and the cabinets have a deep green colouring with silver handles. To complement the look, designers chose Caesarstone’s 2003 Concrete. The Concrete surface blends in perfectly with this style and the added material enriches the look of the kitchen. The accessories have been chosen with care- there are metallic jugs and mugs on top of the hood and large grey balls on the kitchen island. To offset the coldness of the look, a vibrant flower arrangement has been placed on the kitchen island.

luxury kitchens 2003

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