Planning the Perfect Kitchen

Your kitchen space is the heart of your home, and that’s why it’s so important to plan out its design layout thoroughly. While it’s a good idea to design your kitchen according to your tastes and styles, it’s also extremely important to design your kitchen space around your needs and wants. But which is more important; your kitchen needs or your design desires?

Form or Function?
Everyone wants to have the perfectly designed kitchen space. Whether you’re going for a traditional kitchen design or you’re into a more modern look, choosing form over function can be a big mistake. Be sure to design your kitchen layout around your appliances to achieve maximum working efficiency.

Often referred to as the kitchen triangle, the space between the three most used kitchen features should be limited in distance from one another to increase the working kitchen’s efficiency. If you make sure that your sink, refrigerator and stove top are within close proximity of one another, you’ll be sure to make your kitchen space as useful as possible.

Planning a white kitchen - Caesarstone

Countertop Landing Spaces
If you like to cook, you’ll want a good amount of countertop space to make cooking easier to do. One of the best places for additional countertop space is between the range and the sink. This area is commonly used for cooking pots and pans and should be as large as possible for a kitchen that’s used for cooking more than eating.

For kitchens that serve as an eating place as well as a cooking place, multi-level surfaces ensure that kids and adults alike can easily access eating spaces without getting in the way of hot pots and pans placed on lower countertop levels. Caesarstone offers some of the best countertop landing spaces that are perfect for a wide variety of kitchen applications ranging from cooking to eating.

Contemporary kitchen design - Caesarstone

Open shelves are often neglected in many modern kitchen designs. But the fact of the matter is that these spaces are crucial to making cooking and cleaning easier in the kitchen. Spice racks around stove tops and ovens provide chefs with easy access to essential cooking materials without slowing down cooking production times.

Corners that provide storage space in cabinetry can be a waste of space. Fill these areas with open shelving to help maximize kitchen storage to its fullest potential.

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Utensil Storage
More often than not, utensils like knives, spatulas and spoons that are used for cooking go into a drawer. This not only eliminates precious storage space, but it makes finding the right utensil for the job difficult at best. Hanging utensils on a magnetic rack can help free up crucial drawer space for more important items in the kitchen.

Message Center
Modern kitchen spaces aren’t just for cooking any more. They are a gathering center for the family and are often used as a place for relaying important messages. A simple message center with a chalkboard makes any kitchen space feel more like home. Best of all, message centers work great as a small office space when a phone and countertop space is set aside in these essential kitchen areas.

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