Rustic Kitchens

Rustic kitchens have a timeless appeal. Their use of natural materials and warm colour schemes makes them a calming and inviting place to spend time in. Transforming your kitchen into a rustic one is easier than you might think. By adhering to some basic design principles, you can convert your kitchen into a rustic one, even if you don’t live in an 18th century farmhouse….

Rustic design is heavily tied to natural materials and a natural look. If you can put hardwood floors down then you are off to a great start (tiles and linoleum can work, but they don’t have the same natural feel). You should look for wide plank flooring that has that Old World charm and try to choose wood that has knots in it. There are many types of wood to choose from - Hickory, Alder, Cherry or Pine, to name a few. Pine is often used in rustic kitchens and has a coloring that ranges from dark brown to deep orange. When deciding on your floor’s finish, try and opt for a non-glossy and natural finish.

Rustic Kitchen

Aside from the flooring, you should incorporate as much wood as possible throughout the kitchen. Use wood for the furnishings, cabinetry and kitchen island. Again, any knots in the wood just enhance the rustic look. There are great looking furnishings made of reclaimed barn wood or logs that really compliment the rustic look. You should choose a wooden dining room table that is simple and sturdy with plain, square legs.
If you want to go all out, you can also incorporate exposed wooden beams into your rustic kitchen. While traditionally the beams were used for support, today you get prefabricated faux support beams that look like the real thing! The beams are three-sided and hollow and you can easily retro-fit them into your kitchen (you can also use beams made of reclaimed wood which are environmentally-friendly).

RpusticKitchen 1 (2)

Aside from incorporating wood, you should use a colour palate inspired by nature. Rustic kitchens typically use oranges, browns, yellows, greens and blues. Regardless of the colour you choose, you need to make sure that the tone conveys a warm and calming feel. You should also try to use natural looking materials for your countertops. Stone or stone-like materials work very well. Caesarstone has an outstanding selection of natural looking surfaces. The advantage of the Caesarstone surfaces is that they are incredibly durable without comprising aesthetics. Check out Caesarstone’s Classico collection.

countertops for rustic kitchen - Caesarstone

There are a few other design elements to consider. First, you can really add to your rustic kitchen by selecting a farmhouse sink. The farmhouse sink is larger and deeper than the traditional sink and has an exposed front panel that gives it a very Old World feel. Also, when choosing appliances, you can incorporate contemporary stainless steel appliances as long as you surround them with lots of traditional charm (i.e. cabinetry/ countertops). You can also choose retro appliances that look really great, or add a wood veneer front to some of the appliances so that they blend in with the wooden cabinetry.

rustic desgin - caesarstone

Another important design choice is lighting. Since the rustic kitchen has a very natural feel, you should try and infuse it with as much natural light as possible. If you can, use many oversized or bay windows. Alternatively, there are beautiful lighting fixtures that you can use. You can find exquisite fixtures made from wrought iron or copper and also fixtures made from natural materials such as driftwood or rattan.

To add final touches to your rustic kitchen you should look for accessories made of wrought iron, clay /terracotta or other natural materials. For example, a pot rack made of wrought iron, or living plants in clay pots look amazing.

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