Small White Kitchen Ideas

Redesigning your kitchen can be challenging, especially when working with a smaller space. Take for instance remodelling an apartment or condo. You want the kitchen area to be comfortable and functional without loosing your sense of style. One of our favourite modern trends for a condo kitchen is the classic all-white design. A white kitchen is the perfect look that is both practical and beautiful. Here are some ideas for your small white kitchen renovation.

White Cabinets

Keeping the entire kitchen white in a small home or condo is a great way to create the illusion of space. One way to ease into a small white kitchen design is ordering white cabinets or simply whitewashing existing ones. Small kitchens with white cabinets offer a clean look with endless possibilities for your kitchen decor. For example, include quartz kitchen countertops in a contrasting colour for a dramatic effect in a small kitchen with white cabinets.

White Flooring

Just because you want your entire kitchen to be white, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look modern and sleek. Try a textured white floor to offset your small white kitchen. It will draw the eye down and bring the entire look together. Try flooring with specks, diamonds, or stripes in a contrasting, but not distracting colour. Make sure your flooring matches your kitchen countertops, no matter which design you choose, so they will blend well with the rest of the kitchen.White Countertops

White Countertops

Very often, small condo kitchens are tiny with no workspace at all, except for small countertops. But small white kitchen countertops can solve the problem by appearing larger than they are. There are many condo kitchen design ideas that will go well with white countertops, and once you have chosen white countertops, you can make decisions for the rest of the small kitchen renovation. White countertops paired with a black backsplash are a very successful combination in small white kitchens.

White Backsplash

There are many interesting condo kitchen backsplash ideas to choose from, no matter how small the backsplash will be. A splash of colour in small white kitchens can make a statement about the homeowner’s sense of style. But another idea is to use a white, glossy backsplash in your kitchen to give the room the illusion of having more space. A white backsplash is a wonderful way to contrast colourful countertops and draw attention to them.

White Appliances

Another way to create an entirely white kitchen is to buy white appliances. In a time when modern stainless appliances are all the rage, white appliances are the classic choice. They match everything in a white kitchen, including the countertops, and are probably less expensive to buy as well. They are easy to clean and will blend well with your design.

However you choose to implement your apartment or condo kitchens design ideas, choosing white elements or even creating an entirely white kitchen will help give the kitchen the appearance of having more space.