Tips for Designing a U-Shaped Kitchen

Whether you’ve got a huge and open kitchen or small sized kitchen that doesn’t have as much room as you’d like, if the kitchen layout isn’t working with the way the kitchen is naturally shaped, then it’s going to feel cramped and unwelcoming no matter what the square footage. Square and box shaped kitchen spaces are tough to work with. But when using a U-shaped kitchen design for kitchen countertops and cabinets, an odd shaped kitchen space can really take off.

Small Kitchens
Small kitchen spaces tend to become very cluttered once cabinets, appliances and fixtures are added together. Many small kitchen designs try to overcome the small space by stacking cabinets on top of one another. But what ends up happening is that they block the view of the eye and make the space feel enclosed and tight. By freeing up a small kitchen space of its upper cabinets and transforming the countertops into a wide and open space using quality Caesarstone countertops, you’ll make the smaller kitchen more accessible from the dining area as well as allowing the space to feel much bigger than it actually is.

U-Shaped Design Tips for Small Kitchens: Maximize the use of open countertops by allowing part of the countertop and cabinet to extend out into the front of the kitchen opening. This will provide both counter space for cooking and allow the opposite side to be used for an eat-in kitchen.


Medium Sized Kitchens
Average sized kitchens often benefit from a U-shaped kitchen design. This is why most homeowners like to step up their appliance size (and number) with a larger space, so what they end up with is a smaller space since it’s filled with more stuff. A U-shaped layout for an average sized kitchen can be extremely beneficial if part of the kitchen countertops are used for an eat-in dining area. You’ll be able to shorten the size of the dining room to create an even bigger kitchen space with this type of U-shaped kitchen design.

U-Shaped Design Tips for Medium-Sized Kitchens: If your kitchen space isn’t quite big enough for an island in a U-shaped kitchen, it should be avoided at all costs. Instead, maximize your U-shaped kitchen design by increasing the size of your cabinets and countertop space.

Big Kitchens
With large kitchen spaces, you may also find that a U-shaped kitchen design layout is beneficial to the overall way the kitchen space is used. A U-shaped layout helps to keep the kitchen triangle intact making cooking, cleaning and eating easier. With the refrigerator, stove and sink all within an easy and convenient reach within one another, a homeowner can really find a U-shaped layout to be a successful choice for their new or soon-to-be remodeled larger sized kitchen.

U-Shaped Design Tips for a Large Kitchen: Larger U-shaped kitchens really pair well with a central island. If you’re short on dining room space, you can combine both your kitchen and dining room space and create a larger central island that can serve as a work area, storage and a dining space.

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