Calacatta Nuvo and Sleek Concrete



Toronto, ON (June 16, 2014): Caesarstone announced today, the addition of two new colours from their Classico collection - one classic, and one contemporary, two very unique designs that are opposing yet complementary.

A classic reinvented, new 5131 Calacatta Nuvo is Caesarstone’s interpretation of natural Calacatta marble - offering the beauty of natural stone with the ease of Caesarstone care and maintenance. An everyday masterpiece, Calacatta Nuvo features wide, elegant, cascading grey veins on a white opaque base. Calacatta Nuvo makes a bold and unforgettable impression, upgrading the look of any interior space.
Industrial chic meets practicality with Caesarstone’s new 4003 Sleek Concrete. Its smooth grey, matte appearance offers the cool, minimalist look of real concrete countertops, coupled with the benefits of a quartz surface. Unlike real concrete, Caesarstone is non-porous, stain resistant, scratch resistant and does not require any waxes or sealants to protect and keep surfaces looking like new. For a more industrial vibe, Sleek Concrete can make a bold design statement in both contemporary and modern spaces.

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About Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. The company’s surfaces and products are sold in over 48 countries worldwide. Established in 1987, Caesarstone pioneered the original quartz surface and continues to be a leading developer and manufacturer of premium surfaces. Caesarstone surfaces consist of up to 93% quartz and utilize advanced technologies and proprietary know-how. The surfaces are highly functional, design forward and have endless application possibilities including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, wall paneling, furniture and more. The unique and rich variety of colours, patterns and textures gives each customer the ability to find their ‘ultimate surface’ and create their own unique interior environment. Caesarstone's extensive designs are constantly evolving and developing to meet the latest world trends and the highest level of international quality standards.

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Annie Zeni, Marketing Manager, Caesarstone Canada
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