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Vous lisez : Concepts à adopter pour une salle de bain sublime

Concepts à adopter pour une salle de bain sublime

septembre 9, 2021
4 min. de lecture

Whether you’ve got a small guest bathroom space that needs a renovation or you’re creating a new master bathroom for your new room addition, designing a beautiful bathroom takes hard work, dedication and a good eye for what you want in your design. Use the following tips and techniques for designing a luxurious bathroom space and enjoy a beautiful bathroom no matter how big, small, new or old it may be.

Open Spaces
One of the easiest ways to create a beautiful bathroom is simply by opening up the space. Doors on a master bathroom can be eliminated to help increase the open feel of the room. Privacy curtains or frosted glass helps to make the bathing and toilet areas private while still keeping an open feel to the design.

Natural Lighting
Not all bathroom spaces are able to have a window into the space. But just because you can’t put a window in your bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t have natural light in your bathroom space. Solar tube skylights are an affordable way to bring sunlight into any bathroom space without the need for expensive skylights or window installations. Install these easy DIY solar tubes yourself and save even more money on creating a beautiful bathroom.

Tile Wrap
If you own a bathroom, then you probably have ceramic or other tile materials in the shower or tub enclosure. But you don’t have to keep tile in the bathtub exclusively. Many bathrooms benefit from the beautiful look of a wraparound tile layout. Just like wainscoting, tile can be used to separate the bathroom walls to help not only create a gorgeous look, but also to help keep the walls dry and stain free from water damages.

beautiful bathroom

Soothing Colors
Soothing colors in the bathroom space make the area look good and feel great. Relaxing colors like blue and green are great for bathroom spaces because they tend to create a relaxing mood as well as blend in well with mirrors, tiles and vanity countertops. Classy countertops mixed with the right soft wall colors are the ultimate way to get a beautiful bathroom design without spending a fortune on renovation and remodeling costs.

Tile wraps might look like a million bucks, but they can also feel like they cost just as much once you get the bill. If you’re still looking to achieve a unique look without the high costs of tiles, then beadboard is the way to go for you. Beadboard is easy to install and is just a fraction of the cost of tile. Beadboard also makes a small bathroom space feel taller and larger without much effort.

Linen Closet
Linen closets help to make any bathroom space beautiful as well as more efficient. Towels, toiletries and other everyday bathroom supplies are easily stored and accessed with a built-in linen closet in the bathroom. From a small single pull out cabinet to a huge walk in linen, linen closets are a great way to add fashion and functionality to any bathroom space.

Accent walls in a bathroom opposite of the vanity mirror are a great way to add depth and dimension to your bathroom space regardless of its size or style. But you don’t just have to add color to the walls to create a great looking accent. Vanities also benefit from being accented with a bold or vibrant color. Accenting walls or furnishings in the bathroom also allows you to get a little wild with the colors without going overboard in the process.

Another great way to add color to your bathroom without splashing it all over the floor and walls is by creating contrasting colors and tones throughout the design. A dark walnut colored vanity and white trim makes for an interesting contrast that helps bring life to an otherwise dull and bland bathroom space. Use opposite colors on the color wheel to help you pick the best contrasts for a beautiful bathroom design.

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