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Vous lisez : Comptoirs : faire le bon choix

Comptoirs : faire le bon choix

septembre 9, 2021
4 min. de lecture

Today, more than ever, consumers have an incredibly large variety of countertops to choose from. The selection can be quite overwhelming as countertops are available in a myriad of materials, textures and colours. For almost 30 years, Caesarstone has been at the forefront of countertop design, and has continuously created surfaces that delight designers and homeowners alike. There are two main factors that set the Caesarstone surfaces apart- their outstanding durability and exceptional aesthetics.

Caesarstone’s countertops are composed of up to 93% quartz. Quartz is one of the world’s hardest minerals and therefore surfaces are extremely resilient and truly built to last. They are especially designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily living and are scratch- stain- and crack- resistant. Furthermore, Caesarstone’s surfaces are more heat resistant than other stone surfaces and can handle direct heat up to 150° C (however, you should never place a hot pot directly on the surface since it can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes).

The countertops are virtually maintenance-free and you never have to reseal them- an important factor that will save you both time and money. Best of all, keeping them looking as good as new is simple. . All you need to do is wash them with some soap and water and they will look their best. Another major advantage of Caesarstone’s countertops is that they are extremely hygienic. The surfaces are non-porous which means that mould and bacteria can’t penetrate and breed- a significant factor that helps you protect the health of your family.

And now, let’s talk style. Caesarstone’s variety is truly exceptional. Caesarstone’s collection is divided into three subcategories – Classico, Motivo and Concetto. Classico primarily consists of solid tones such as whites, creams and greys. Each surface has a delicate play of hues which provide it with textual depth. The Statuario Nuvo 5111 featured below is a new addition to the Classico collection. This stunning marble-like design has an off-white tone with large grey veins running through it. The Statuario Nuvo has a classic and luxurious feel to it, and as can be seen from the bathroom showcased, it completely steals the show. The Staturio Nuvo can work well in both traditional bathrooms as well as contemporary ones- it all depends on the other accessories you choose to have in the bathroom- furniture, fittings etc.

Caesarstone - 5111 statuario nuvo countertops

The Motivo style is all about texture. The collection includes patterned surfaces that are bound to enrich any space with depth and interest. There are several patterns to choose from – lace, crocodile, braids and stripes which come in several tones. Featured below is the Motivo Stripes in black. The surface has a clean and crisp look and the lines give it added sophistication. When it comes to patterned countertops, it is nice to mix and match several styles. For example, you can have the stripes as the backdrop (as in the picture below) and the tabletop itself in a matching smooth surface. Depending on the space you are decorating, decide if you want to have a patterned design on the entire space or on select surfaces only.

Caesarstone Countertops - Motivo Stripes
Caesarstone Motivo 2003S Stripes

Caesarstone’s Concetto collection is made from semi-precious stones and these surfaces are all about the ‘wow factor’. What sets them apart is their unique colouration, exceptional play of translucency and opacity. There are many exciting styles to choose from- Tiger Eye, Blue Agate, White Quartz and more. Below is an example of a counter made from Amethyst Rock. The table looks like a piece of jewellery – when you look at the surface you can see intertwining crystals that have an extra-ordinary fascinating play of purples, whites, greys and browns.

Caesarstone countertops - 8551 Amethyst Rock

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