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Salles de bain : idées déco

septembre 9, 2021
4 min. de lecture

Investing in bathroom décor is a major global trend. While bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the house, they are definitely not marginalized, and homeowners are increasingly transforming their bathrooms into spaces where they are able to relax and unwind after a stressful day. There is a growing trend towards contemporary bathrooms that have a clean and sophisticated look. However, at the same time there are many who prefer the traditional and warmer look for their bathroom. More and more, homeowners are mixing styles and creating bathrooms that reflect their personality and individual preferences. Decorating ideas you should consider for your bathroom are colour, textural depth and ornamentation.

bathroom renovation - Caesarstone

The colour of your bathroom is an important element that helps set its ambiance. If you have a relatively small bathroom, you should consider using light coloured hues since they tend to expand the space. Whites, light beiges, blues and yellows are wonderful choices that provide your bathroom with a light and bright décor. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect, select darker tones such as grey or burgundy. These colours usually give your bathroom an aura of romance and glamour.

The ultra-modern bathroom featured above uses tones of grey to achieve a dramatic look. The bath and counter are made of Caesarstone’s Belgian Moon 4100 design. The walls are a lighter shade of grey and are slightly textured to give them additional depth. The grey floor further unifies the entire composition. The warmth in this bathroom comes from the outside. Using huge windows, the bathroom design lets the rich green landscape right in, and the large mirrors above the countertop further reflect the natural beauty. Inside the bathroom, small decorative elements such as the stones and the wooden dishes add a touch of warmth. The bathroom has a spa like feel, which in itself is a growing global trend.

bathroom design - caesarstone

Once you have decided on the general colour scheme of your bathroom, you can play around with endless materials to give your bathroom textural depth. Wallpaper is a popular choice that works well in almost all bathroom styles. If your bathroom has a more traditional design, consider using floral patterns or even toile designs. If you have a more modern look, opt for geometric patterns or grass cloth wallpaper.

Another fantastic way to increase the textural depth of your bathroom is to use tiles. By covering an entire wall or section with tiles you create a space that draws interest. If the tiles are loud, they provide a dramatic effect, and if they are more toned down, they often yield a conservative and sophisticated look. An alternative way to increase textural depth is through your choice of walls and floors. There are many materials to choose from such wood, brick or stone. The bathroom featured below uses Caesarstone’s 8141 White Quartz which gives it an almost magical feel. White Quartz is a transparent white crystal with a delicate and scarcely visible pattern. You can select a design that uses the stone’s natural translucency or you can backlit the surface to achieve a more dramatic effect. In the bathroom below the walls and floor are backlit which gives the bathroom a luxurious and unique ambiance.

bathroom decoration - Caesarstone

Your choice of ornamentation such as curtains, linen and dishes depends on the type of design you choose. In general, the more contemporary designs tend to be less cluttered and have a few well selected pieces that add a touch of style and sometimes a splash of colour. The more traditional bathrooms are filled with ornamentation, and often, the more the merrier. A piece of art is a wonderful element with which to accessorize your bathroom. Choose a beautiful photograph, drawing or painting which will enhance the visual interest in your bathroom.

Another effective ornament that can influence the style of your bathroom is a mirror. If you have a traditional bathroom you can opt for a large, gilded mirror that will add a luxurious decorative touch to the design. Alternatively, minimalistic mirrors work well in contemporary and modern bathrooms.

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