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Vous lisez : 13 idées déco pour une cuisine champêtre

13 idées déco pour une cuisine champêtre

octobre 7, 2021
5 min. de lecture
5131 Calacatta Nuvo

A modern farmhouse kitchen is an increasingly popular design style. From the rustic touches to the repurposed treasures, up-front sink and charming details, there are many ideas that can be implemented to create your dream farmhouse kitchen design.   

In order to achieve this look, homeowners should not have to compromise the quality of the materials used.By opting for quartz countertops, such as those made by Caesarstone, homeowners can ensure they are getting a premium material and creating a kitchen space that is equal parts charming and luxurious.

If looking to revamp an old farmhouse, you are likely looking for farmhouse kitchen ideas. Whether you own a big-city condo, a small-town cabin or even a suburban tract home, you can still pull off a farmhouse-style kitchen.

  1. Add an extra sink in your kitchen

An extra sink is a very functional aspect of farmhouse kitchen design. Not only can it double as a place to arrange a new bouquet but can also serve as a large storage space underneath. Preferably, have the extra sink placed at a corner where it is easily accessible and also accentuates the kitchen area.

  1. Upgrade the countertops

Consider a premium quartz counter top for a versatile and durable material, in a variety of styles to choose from.Its low maintenance, moisture resistance and ease of cleaning are just a few reasons why Caesarstone quartz should be the first option for any farmhouse-style kitchen.

Caesarstone offers a number of colours to suit this kitchen style, such as 5131 Calacatta Nuvo, a creamy-white quartz with grey details.

  1. Install an island

When decorating a large farmhouse kitchen, utilize the open floor space to install an island. The versatility of an island gives you not only additional meal preparation space but also a home bar, extra storage and a place to serve guests.

5000 London Grey
  1. Play around with the kitchen colours

A farmhouse-style kitchen doesn’t mean using only muted, rustic tones. For a bold kitchen statement, consider bright yellow cabinets ora timeless yet on-trend colour combination. Just ensure that other features, such as tiles, complement the entire vibe. A beautiful quartz countertop colour like 5212 Taj Royale would work well with some splashes of colour throughout the kitchen.

  1. Play around with the lighting

Even in a farmhouse kitchen with an excellent natural source of light, lighting fixtures can add to the design of the space. For instance, a low-hanging pendant not only lights up the kitchen but also accentuates the high ceilings. And with a mix of golden colours, it brings the farmhouse-style kitchen to life.If opting for a rustic pendant, homeowners can pair this lighting with a quartz countertop like 5000 London Grey.

Other farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas are lighting inside the cupboards, over the dining area, the stove, the island and the kitchen bar. Incorporating feature lighting not only lights up a space but also creates a focal point. To create a flattering ambience, go for warm light colours with a dimmer option.

For hard-to-light areas, introduce wall lights that can be adjusted and angled to the darker area.Explore different colours of lighting fixtures. A polished metal, glass or rustic painted light may pair well with your farmhouse kitchen.

  1. Introduce a sense of history

Your farmhouse kitchen can have a historical feel while still looking contemporary.Try adding rustic items with antique details that will complement your quartz countertops.If antiquing, Caesarstone suggests seeking outpale-painted wood furniture and wrought iron or copper décor, which perfectly complement each other and this kitchen style.

  1. Do not cover attractive structural materials

Show off attractive structural features. Exposed brick and wooden beams are beautiful and highly desired design elements.Showcase the natural textures and colours or give them a fresh coat of paint and transform the kitchen.

  1. Use the extra baskets in the house for storage

A country kitchen ambience goes well with the use of baskets for storage. Hang the baskets on sliding rails or arrange them on the lower cabinets. Baskets provide accessible storage and enhance the farmhouse kitchen by adding natural materials and texture to the kitchen cabinetry. Wooden basket handles complement a farmhouse kitchen perfectly. And for fresh farm produce, open storage with shelves, rails and hooks will give you easy access to the fruits and vegetables.

5151 Empira White
  1. Build a seating area in the kitchen

A seating area is vital in a farmhouse kitchen; even more so if the kitchen is spacious.Add the seating area around the island or add a breakfast nook in the kitchen corner.Rustic wooden barstools would be the perfect addition to accentuate the beauty of your quartz kitchen island. This can serve as a dining area or a space to catch up with loved ones as you enjoy your favourite meal.

  1. Mix old and new

The charm of farmhouse décor lies in the balance between new-school and old-school designs. Do not shy away from decorating with modern pieces. The contrast between the décor pieces can create a vintage but contemporary look.

If looking for a more modern kitchen counter to contrast with rustic accents, homeowners may opt for quartz choice such as 5151 Empira White.

  1. Incorporate bright pots and pans

Use bright pots and pans to add colour to the farmhouse kitchen. Go for dramatic, bold colours that suit the personality of the room. With open shelves, the radiant colours will be on display even when stored.

  1. Hang cooking tools

Hanging cooking essentials and other commonly used tools not only puts them within reach when needed but also adds to the farm house vibe. For instance, use a copper rod with S hooks to store items such as measuring cups, whisks and spoons.The hanging tools can act as further decoration in the space, especially if they are in bright and bold colours.

  1. Prioritize natural light

No matter the number of lighting fixtures that you install in your home, your kitchen will always look best in natural light. Ensure you choose window treatments that allow light to stream into your farmhouse kitchen.