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Vous lisez : Armoires de cuisine gris pâle avec comptoirs foncés : Idées de design 

Armoires de cuisine gris pâle avec comptoirs foncés : Idées de design 

janvier 5, 2022
5 min. de lecture

Something about the neutral feel of grey makes it a perfect choice for kitchen cabinets. The colour remains a popular choice among homeowners looking for something bright other than white. But choosing a countertop that complements those grey kitchen cabinets is not as easy as most homeowners think. As such, it’s vital to give the selection of the countertop colour and pattern careful thought since it’s something you’re not likely to change soon afterward.

Several countertops go well with grey kitchen cabinets; however, dark countertops are a popular pairing for light grey cabinets. The right choice of light grey kitchen cabinets with dark quartz countertops will give a kitchen space the perfect contrast and create a timeless look. This combination adds a sense of pure elegance and sophistication.

5101 Empira Black 

Dark Quartz Countertops – a Daring Spike of Sophistication  

Black quartz countertops are a top trend for modern kitchens. They are making a strong comeback for an obvious reason. Their rising popularity can be attributed to a unique beauty and dramatic effect on modern interior designs.

Polished or honed, with more or less veining and patterns of different tones, black quartz countertops always make a statement.

Further, black can ultimately play a huge role in elevating the overall design of a kitchen. More than the captivating appearance, well paired dark countertops create an inviting appeal to any space.

Aside from choosing the colour, homeowners will want to opt for the correct countertop material. A material like quartz will not only provide homeowners with stunning aesthetic options for dark countertops, but they are also long-lasting, non-porous surfaces that will serve a household for many years.

High-quality black quartz countertops from a reputable brand like Caesarstone provide peerless durability and longevity. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colour variations that can transform any kitchen design into a work of art.

5810 Black Tempal

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops Myths Debunked 

Myth: Despite the strong comeback of black countertops, some people wonder if using black countertops in their kitchens will make the space drab and gloomy.

That can’t be further from the truth.

When done right, grey cabinets with black countertops will perfectly match any kitchen design. But choosing the right black countertop colour, pattern, and shade is vital. Of course, it’s essential to understand the space, the design and style you want to achieve, and plan based on the specific practical needs in the kitchen.

Here are key considerations for using black quartz countertops with grey cabinets.

  • The lighting of the space: To properly match grey kitchen cabinets with black quartz countertops, consider the lighting of the space. If the room has tons of natural light, a darker countertop may be the most appealing. If not, consider adding some more lighting to prevent the kitchen from looking too dark.
  • The shade of grey cabinetry: Lighter grey cabinets paired with deep black countertops creates a timeless look. For darker grey cabinet finishes, black quartz countertops with white veining will work beautifully.
  • Desired style and design: Black countertops add a bold, stunning effect to any kitchen style, whether modern or traditional. But if used in excess, the dark colour will make the kitchen feel smaller. For black countertops with grey cabinets, consider adding warmer elements to the kitchen design to brighten up the space.

For anyone who loves bold colours, elements such as backsplashes, accessories, appliances, and window coverings can help pull dramatic shades for any kitchen style.

Myth: It’s more difficult to clean and maintain black quartz countertops

While it’s true that spills, specs of dust, and other kitchen elements may be conspicuous on a black countertop, that doesn’t mean dark countertops require more attention than others.

Kitchen countertops should be regularly cleaned, regardless of the colour. Plus, with a countertop material like Caesarstone quartz, maintenance is virtually non-existent. The countertops require no sealants to keep them timeless. Besides, quartz is highly non-porous and resistant to stains, which makes maintenance even easier.

However, it is important to note that natural, honed, concrete and rough finishes will require additional cleaning compared to polished finishes.

4735 Oxidian 

Most Popular Black Quartz Countertop Patterns and Colours for Grey Kitchen Cabinets 

Black quartz can range from jet black to lighter tones. You’ll also find black countertops with varying patterns. These variations go well with different grey cabinet colour shades, which can make the final call a tough task.

Caesarstone’s newest Dark Collection is crafted to beautifully create dramatic effects in a variety of kitchens, including those with light grey cabinets.

The rich depth and fine creamy veined appearance of the 5100 Vanilla Noir quartz countertop pairs well with a darker grey cabinet finish. With its intense black backdrop and textured appearance, this quartz countertop creates the perfect contrast for grey cabinets.

With its deep black tone and finely engrained white veins, 5101 Empira Black is a sure candidate for creating timeless sophistication to grey-coloured cabinetry.

Want a black countertop that adds emotion and depth? 5810 Black Tempal will do the trick. This stone features soft, mineral-like patterns that offer a lovely contrast to its black charcoal base.

When pairing light grey kitchen cabinets with dark countertops in an industrial-style kitchen, 4735 Oxidian has you covered!

For a modern kitchen, you may find that 3100 Jet Black can be an exquisite complement to grey cabinetry.

Final Thoughts on Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Countertops 

Grey kitchen cabinets with black countertops are a fast-growing trend both for contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Grey or neutral cabinetry adds a sophisticated touch, while the black countertops bring a luxurious feel. While a black countertop and grey cabinet combination can stand on its own, sometimes it calls for additional warmer elements to strike a balance. A perfect balance of the rich black colour and neutral grey tone will give life to your kitchen space.