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Raw quartz, transformed into the hardest stone

We know quartz, we pioneered quartz countertops

Raw quartz is abundant in nature, it is common like sand but harder than steel, one of the strongest minerals in the world. Quartz countertops are a man-made stone that Caesarstone pioneered, and we engineer surfaces with up to 90% quartz minerals to give advantages that are unattainable in marble, granite, and other natural stones. We take a pure mineral and transform it into your favorite surface.

Why Quartz crater

The immense strength and durability of raw quartz come to life in each slab

Quartz countertops are the hardest stone surfaces, made from naturally occurring minerals that are one of the hardest (7 on the Mohs Scale of 10). Caesarstone uses up to 90% of the purest quartz particles, molded with resins and pigments to make the most resilient surfaces on the market

Quartz is transformed into breakthrough countertops with Caesarstone’s engineering knowhow, care, and craftsmanship

Quartz surfaces were pioneered by Caesarstone in 1987, applying patented cutting-edge technologies that stand to this day. We leverage the outstanding qualities of quartz, making it the ideal stone for residential and commercial spaces, as the surface of choice for architects and designers worldwide.

Quartz countertops are a journey of creative insight and design passion

Quartz enables great flexibility in surface design, combining timeless beauty with durability in robust patterns, various finishes, and rich colours. Caesarstone’s passion for design is a core value that drives us to constantly push forward the boundaries of quartz countertops.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces give you the peace of mind, in usability and safety.

Quartz countertops are produced in a strictly controlled environment to meet the most stringent safety standards in both manufacturing and finished product. Our countertops have everything a good surface needs; they are nonporous, non-toxic, require no sealants or wax to retain the Caesarstone Hygiene Standard, do not host bacteria, mold, or mildew - remaining safe and hygienic for ultimate cleanliness.

Effective resilience, timeless benefits

  • Nonporous

    Incredibly impenetrable, dense, and resilient for long-lasting quality

  • Durable

    Harder, stronger, and safer than marble, granite, and other natural stones

  • Easy to Clean

    Simple care with just soap and water, no need for sealing, and essentially effortless to maintain

  • Hygienic

    Nonporous, hosts no bacteria, mold, or mildew, remains safe and sanitary for ultimate cleanliness

  • Stain Free

    An impenetrable surface that is highly nonporous and nonabsorbent made to be impervious to stains and easy to maintain

  • Heat Resistant

    Caesarstone quartz is heat resistant, but using a trivet is required for very high temperatures

  • Scratch Resistant

    Impressive scratch-resistance strength, not susceptible to scrapes or scuffs

  • Enduring Quality

    Caesarstone uses a high quartz-blend ratio (up to 90% quartz minerals, and the highest ratio is 92%), offering our lifetime warranty

  • Ease of Installation

    Easy to template, install and customize by professionals, suited for indoors and available in a selection of outdoor colours

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Certified for its durability and low maintenance, supporting a healthier environment and better use of material resources