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Vous lisez : Comment allier petit budget et cuisine blanche

Comment allier petit budget et cuisine blanche

septembre 14, 2021
5 min. de lecture

The combination of white cabinetry with white quartz countertops is a timeless example of clean simplicity. Whether creating a rustic, contemporary, or sleek look, a white-on-white kitchen looks fresh and crisp. With the added brightness, your home will look like the holiday home you’ve been planning to visit for years.

Here, we will go over a few useful tips on how you can achieve the white-on-white look without going over budget.

5143 White Attica

1. Choose the countertop material

Installing countertops is the final step of remodelling a new kitchen. With white cabinets in place, it’s time to install high-quality countertops to complete the look.

Here’s why quartz countertops should be your top pick.

  • Quartz countertops are beautiful– Quartz countertops are incomparable to any other countertop material. In a range of designs that capture the beauty of stone, white quartz countertops pair effortlessly with the aesthetics of your home. 
  • The versatility– White quartz countertops open you up to endless design styles in your home. The various pattern options available gives you the choice of a pure white surface or one with bold veining or delicate flecks throughout. 
  • Uniformity– Since natural stones are manufactured from different slabs, it is difficult to get a uniform colour. With engineered quartz countertops, you get a uniform colour, pattern, and design regardless of the size of your surface. The controlled manufacturing process of quartz ensures that white colours are more consistent and solid. The texture, appearance, and material composition are also engineered to perfection.  
  • The natural stone look– As we discussed above, natural stones are manufactured from different slabs, hence the lack of uniformity. Using quartz countertops mimics natural stones such as granite and marble while ensuring durability and fewer maintenance costs. 
  • Easily create contrast in your kitchen– Solid white quartz countertops are a simple way to achieve contrast in your space. Pair with black cabinetry for a stark contrast or with light grey cabinets for subtle depth. Alternatively, match your cabinet colour to colours found in the flecks or veins of the white surface 

2. Cabinet makeover

Regardless of how aesthetically pleasing your quartz countertop is, your kitchen will still be dull without a cabinet upgrade. White cabinets pair perfectly with white quartz countertops. Dependent on your budget, you can either replace the cabinets with white ones or paint the existing cabinets. If working on a tight budget, painting them is a more affordable option.

5143 White Attica

3. Consider your lifestyle

Your kitchen remodelling plan should factor in your lifestyle. For instance, if you have children running around, having cabinets where they can reach utensils is dangerous and risky for the entire family. Choosing a countertop material that is easy to clean will save you lots of time. For instance, white quartz countertops are easy to clean, making them ideal for families with children. Stain-resistance is another reason why white quartz countertops are the perfect option.

4. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle

While white quartz countertops paired with white kitchen cabinets will enlarge the appearance of your space, clutter can minimize this effect. Reducing the appliances and clutter placed on the white countertops will provide a cleaner look in the kitchen.

5. Let’s talk lighting

White surfaces brighten a kitchen but you still need to consider the lighting. Large pendant fixtures are a popular lighting style over a large kitchen island. For an enhanced aesthetic, ensure that the colour of the pendant matches or complements the drawer pulls and other hardware throughout the kitchen.

5143 White Attica

6. Decorate with practical items

Decorating a white-on-white kitchen is a simple affair, especially if you are remodelling your kitchen on a budget. With a neutral white base, it’s easy to layer in colour and texture with kitchen accessories. A rustic fruit basket on the counter, a stack of visually interesting cookbooks, a bold floral arrangement. The options are endless for affordable, decorative additions to your space.

7. Upgrade your backsplash

Adding a backsplash not only protects your space from water damage and splashes but also adds a focal point in your kitchen. If you have white quartz countertops with white cabinets, you can opt for a white backsplash in keeping with theme or a cool tone or a black backsplash to add contrast to the kitchen.

Why choose a white cabinetry/white quartz countertops combo?

  • You create an illusion of a large space when working with a small kitchen– Using white countertops as well as cabinets in your small kitchen will make your space seem more spacious. Similarly, using white quartz countertops in a large kitchen expands the area. 
  • Your kitchen will effortlessly look fresh and clean– A white kitchen emulates a fresh and clean look with minimal effort. White easily camouflages mechanical ducts, architectural flaws, as well as blemishes. It can also highlight unique features in a kitchen. 
  • It allows flexibility to make new changes– The versatility of white enables you to make changes easily. If you decide to paint your cabinets a different colour, white countertops will go with anything you choose. 
  • It adds to the sophistication of a kitchen– No matter how simple the remodelling is, it will always look modern, sophisticated, and classy with white. Add coloured accents, and voila! You have achieved a different yet refined look.