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Vous lisez : Décorer une cuisine victorienne moderne  

Décorer une cuisine victorienne moderne  

septembre 16, 2022
6 min. de lecture

With so much scope for modernization in kitchen spaces, let’s explore some modern and stylish Victorian kitchen designs that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

For those who love a stylish, yet classic, design in their kitchen space, a modern Victorian kitchen theme is something that could help. The kitchen is one of the places where a family spends most of their time, so it needs to look and feel welcoming.

Not to mention, it’s a space filled with memories.

So, the kitchen should look beautiful at all times. And a Victorian style kitchen is one of the best ways to do it. With graceful ornamentation and eye-catching designs, it will give a sense of English history to any space.

But, the main thing here is: how can homeowners achieve such a design?

9141 Ice Snow

Modern victorian kitchen ideas

In this guide, homeowners can find some stylish design ideas that they can use to give their kitchen space a modern Victorian aesthetic:

Pastel colours are key

When it comes to modern Victorian design, the one colour palette that never goes out of style is – pastel. Homeowners can introduce pastel colours in the kitchen with quartz countertops such as 9141 Ice Snow and black-coloured cabinets. It will give a Victorian, classy vibe to the kitchen space.

A calm elegance

Mix and match the white and cream shades of cabinets and countertops to achieve a calm elegance, just like in old times. For even better results, homeowners can add old-fashioned lamps, seating, and other vintage items.

The magic of blue in a Victorian kitchen

A fairly common feature in any Victorian kitchen is the ability to woo new guests as well as family members every time they share a meal. Make use of pastel blue cabinets combined with high-quality quartz countertops, like Caesarstone’s 515 Palm Shade.

Furthermore, adding unique or personalized art pieces to give a more modern Victorian design. The unique art pieces bring personality and can even spark the imagination of guests. Aside from looking great, the blue cabinets provide a lot of storage space and keep the kitchen simple and clutter-free. In turn, this assures a tidy appearance.

Farm-style kitchen space

Who doesn’t like a farm touch to their kitchen? It is one of the best styles for homeowners who love a farm-style kitchen space that gives a perfect Victorian vibe. Homeowners can opt for wooden cabinetry with dark-coloured cabinets such as 5820 Darcest. This combination will surely give homeowners a modern yet Victorian look in their kitchen.

Ocean: love at first sight

Never underestimate how natural colours like seafoam green from the ocean can enhance kitchen space. Such pastel shades bring an ocean vibe with a modern Victorian touch to kitchen spaces. Likewise, the light green colour with dark shade quartz countertops can bring back the magic from Victorian times!

Add a magical charm

Adding 1111 Vivid White quartz countertops to a Victorian kitchen space with light coloured cabinets can provide an undoubtedly magical charm. Such a combination will bring an authentic, classy feel to the room. Furthermore, one can add old-fashioned farm-style sinks to enhance the Victorian look. 

So, these are some of the best Victorian kitchen ideas homeowners can utilize. Let’s look at the factors that should be considered before transforming a traditional dining space into a modern Victorian kitchen.

515 Palm Shade

How to select the right design for the kitchen?

Achieving a perfect modern Victorian design is a big and exciting job. Homeowners get to make pastel shades, choose the right countertop, and do a lot of research. It’s clear that it isn’t the easiest job!

When it comes to styling a kitchen with a modern victorian design, there are some things one should consider:

Create a wishlist

Homeowners should begin their kitchen remodelling by mind mapping and writing down all the characteristics of their ideal kitchen.

For instance, which colour quartz countertop would suit one’s kitchen space? Or which design trend they wish to have in their kitchen space?

This list can be expanded to include more abstract concepts that designers can assist with, such as cabinetry made of various materials, countertops, sink design, etc.

Create a budget

The price of the kitchen must be specified in detail at the outset of the remodelling project.

How far one can go with their wishlist completely depends on the money. Homeowners should determine realistic spending limits for the project. Be sure to calculate expenditure for decoration, plumbing, flooring, lighting, wiring and any finishing design elements in addition to the kitchen itself.

Additionally, homeowners should include an additional 10% as a safety net in case additional expenses arise.

Make the right countertop choice.

Looking for the right countertop for kitchen space is pretty exciting.

Quartz countertops are considered one of the best for kitchen space because of their durability, appearance, and scratch resistance qualities. There are many colours of quartz countertops available in the market to choose from. Make a choice that suits the kitchen space and complements the Victorian decor.


It may be surprising that flooring is considered so early in the design of a kitchen. But, it is far simpler to select cabinets that complement flooring than the reverse. Flooring is frequently a permanent fixture that won’t change, especially in houses with open kitchens.

The objective is to alter the design as little as possible. It’s much simpler to choose additional design components later on if one first decides on the flooring they’ll use.

1111 Vivid White


It could be anything – a spice rack, a place to dry dishes, and a very spacious pantry. These choices will be made in consultation with the designer and within the constraints of the available space.


Homeowners will have a good idea of how much room they would have by this stage in the design. It is now time to decide which appliances to order. This is an important stage because it ensures that everything fits together precisely. The cabinets’ design and size cannot be finalized until the appliances have been picked.

Designing a modern victorian kitchen – Conclusion

That’s all! These were some design ideas for homeowners to stylize their kitchen in a modern Victorian kitchen space.

A Victorian style reminds us of the times with classy and authentic designs. Adding quartz countertops in kitchen spaces can surely give a look that homeowners expect from Victorian designs. Homeowners can go through the Caesarstone catalogue and find out which suits them the best!