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Reading: 13 Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

13 Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

October 7, 2021
5 min read

When it comes to kitchen wall décor, homeowners want something that speaks to them. In a space that is primarily functional, bring in unique and creative elements that will elevate the space.

Homeowners will want to make sure the wall décor they choose matches their overall aesthetic and complements their countertop and cabinet colours.

No matter what style appeals to you, you’re sure to find something in this article to inspire the décor of your kitchen. Keep reading to find 13 ideas for kitchen wall décor.

Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home and should be warm and inviting. Minimalists may prefer to leave the walls blank and opt for neutral kitchen design elements and countertop colours. Caesarstone’s premium quartz countertops come in several solid neutral colours to fit any minimalist’s dream, such as 1141 Pure White. However, they should keep in mind that interesting décor can help to create a welcoming and lively aesthetic in any kitchen.

Filling the empty walls with captivating prints and other décor is easy because of the many affordable options out there. Whether planning a full remodel, moving or just wanting to refresh the space, anyone can find what they’re looking for right herewith these 13 kitchen wall ideas.

Gallery Wall

While gallery walls are more common in hallways or living rooms, homeowners can also implement this in their kitchens. Be sure to choose pictures and signs with a common theme and complementary colour palette. Even in a kitchen that is quite neutral and modern, a gallery wall could work to further elevate the space. For example, a sleek black-and-white modern kitchen with 3100 Jet Black quartz countertops would pair well with a gallery wall of line art.

Wooden Elements

Wooden décor brings warmth to a kitchen space. Something food-related like a vintage cutting board will fit the theme particularly well. This would be a perfect addition to any farmhouse style kitchen. Wooden décor items would look ideal in a rustic-style kitchen with an eloquent quartz countertop colour like 5000 London Grey.

5000 London Grey

Coffee Bar

For those who need caffeine to start the day, consider creating a coffee bar area. Add mugs and decorative, coffee-related signage. If you also drink tea, include stylish storage tins for tea bags or loose tea leaves.

Mug Display

In addition to the coffee bar, you can display coffee mugs with a bar and S hooks. This is not only functional, as it puts the mugs within reach, but it’s also a great décor piece.

Hanging Herb Garden

This idea not only brings greenery into the kitchen; it’s also functional to add homegrown herbs to your cooking. This is an excellent DIY project using matching pots, a towel bar and hooks.

Clock Wall

A clock wall can be both stunning and practical. Anyone with friends and family living in other time zones can set each clock to their local time (label them for which time zone it is) and then they don’t have to do the math when they want to contact them.Additionally, if you have children, it’s a great way to teach them about time zones as well. This idea would work well in an industrial style kitchen. Caesarstone’s selection of quartz countertops with concrete finishes, such as 4003 Sleek Concrete, would fit in perfectly with this aesthetic.

Produce Baskets

Consider hanging produce baskets on the wall. These can be functional and fun. Use them for storing produce or hang them near the door to place the mail in to avoid cluttering the counter space.

Rustic Art

Using various painting and distressing techniques, you can express your creativity and customize the perfect rustic statement piece for your kitchen.

Earth Tones

Implementing some earth tones into the kitchen décor can create a calming atmosphere. Bring in browns and greens that complement each other for a cohesive look. Earth tones also match perfectly with the natural beauty of stone found in a Caesarstone quartz countertop like 5110 Alpine Mist.

5110 Alpine Mist

Colourful Curtains

Curtains are a budget-friendly way to change or even improve the look of the kitchen. Make sure to choose colours and patterns that complement the décor already in place.

Weekly Menu Display

To plan meals ahead of time, create a board that lists the menu for the week.Use a chalkboard ora magnetic board with metal clips so you can move the meal cards around if last-minute changes need to be made to the menu plan.

Seasonal Decorations

Consider creating seasonal displays to refresh the space throughout the year.Though holiday-themed, ensure that the displays still fit in with the overall ambience of the kitchen.

Exposed Brick Wall

One of the more popular design elements these days is the exposed brick wall look. This creates a lot of texture in any space. If you don’t have a brick wall, premium wall paper may help you achieve this look.The beauty of this look is it can be both industrial and modern, depending on the style of the kitchen and the colour of the brick. It can pair well with industrial quartz countertops such as 4601 Frozen Terra and a modern quartz countertops such as 5171 Arabetto.

Bottom Line

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The décor that we choose can have a lot to do with whether it’s an enjoyable place to be or a strictly practical one. There are so many things that you can do to create a fun but functional space. Consider implementing a few of these kitchen wall decor ideas to bring your vision to life.