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Reading: 5 White Kitchen Ideas with Black Countertops

5 White Kitchen Ideas with Black Countertops

April 22, 2022
5 min read

Today, homeowners are quite fond of a white kitchen design. After all, it is a go-to colour that comes to mind when creating a clean and airy look. It is also an easy choice and blends well with other hues in a space.

Be it countertops, backsplash, cabinets, or the kitchen island, it’s difficult to find a kitchen that doesn’t have a splash of white in its design. But with the rising trend in black countertops, many homeowners have been falling in love with a white-and-black theme in their kitchen.  

Designing a kitchen with black countertops and white cabinets is a great way to create a timeless and stylish space. This colour combination achieves a fabulous contrast, becoming the focal point in any room. While the dark countertops create a next-level opulence and depth, the white hues in the kitchen add a crisp brightness.

If you’re struggling to bring this design to life, read on to learn more on how you can pair black countertops with white decor to create an eye-catching, striking kitchen design.

5101 Empira Black
  1. Crisp White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Quartz Countertops 

A white cabinet black countertop design fits into any kitchen, whether contemporary, traditional, rustic, industrial, minimalistic or otherwise. White cabinets and black countertops add an element of drama, capturing the attention of anyone who comes into the space.

It is very easy to create clear and smooth contrast with this type of design. The crisp, white colour of the cabinets perfectly offsets the black quartz countertops, making the kitchen feel bright and spacious. 

When choosing black quartz countertops, homeowners will come across a plethora of colours and patterns. But which to choose? Here are some of the best black countertops for a white kitchen design.

Best Black Countertops for White Kitchens

Below are some popular black quartz countertops that go well with white cabinets.

3100 Jet Black – Looking for a solid dark slab? Jet Black’s rich base gives breadth and depth to any kitchen design with its consistent subtle specks. This surface endows any white kitchen space with a sleek yet modern feel.

3101 Piatto Black – A deep, potent black, this is the ultimate colour for those seeking a black countertop.

5100 Vanilla Noir – With its creamy white veins, Vanilla Noir gives any surface a classic, timeless look.

5101 Empira Black – This one-of-a-kind quartz countertop beautifully compliments white kitchen cabinets with its delicate, organic veins.

5810 Black Tempal – This is a softly veined surface with a sturdy charcoal base. Its warm white hues and mineral like layers give a clear, smooth contrast to white kitchen cabinets. 

5810 Black Tempal – Design + Construction: Vanessa Parker Design, Designated Developments 
  1. Include Hanging Wooden Shelves 

For any fan of black countertops, you may want to consider adding wooden shelves. Open wooden shelves are a perfect place to display luxurious kitchenware, cutlery, crockery, and herbs. But that’s not all! The wooden shelves (and displayed items) add an eye-catching design element to the kitchen while also tying in the white cabinets. This idea makes the cabinet’s white colour theme pop, and creates the appearance of a higher ceiling.

  1. Add a Matte Cabinet Finish for a Warm and Inviting Look 

If you are worried about your black-and-white kitchen looking cool or uninviting, consider matte white painted cabinets. The matte finish will create a warm, traditional feel in the kitchen. However, for homeowners who prefer a sleek, modern look, glossy cabinets paired with black polished countertops will make for a striking kitchen design.

  1. Decorative Pendant Lights Can Make the Space Pop 

If you want to add brightness to your black kitchen island countertops, decorative pendant lights make a great choice. These lights can tie the entire look together to make the space feel complete. Add stylish LED strip lighting to make the white kitchen black countertop design pop even more.

3101 Piatto Black
  1. Simple Decorative Elements Will Take the Design a Long Way 

Adding simple decor pieces to your white kitchen black countertop design will take your space to the next level. Consider unique cabinet handles or novel accent details when bringing this design together.  

Pieces like bar stools, colourful vases, woven rugs, and house plants are some of the many decor items you can add to your white kitchen black countertop design to create next-level interest.  

Small details such as a modern vintage oven in black and copper can elevate the entire appeal of your black-and-white theme. These small-but-mighty details will also go a long way to adding your own personal character to the room.

Now that you have some ideas when it comes to spicing up your space, you’re ready to talk to a Caesarstone representative about finding the best black countertop for your white kitchen.