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Reading: 7 Black Quartz Countertops Design Ideas

7 Black Quartz Countertops Design Ideas

January 13, 2022
6 min read

Black quartz kitchen countertops are a go-to for most people. The sophistication, durability, elegance, ease of maintenance, and their eye-catching appeal are just a few reasons why black kitchen countertops are preferred.  

However, black quartz countertops come in a variation of colours, upgrades, and finishes. As such, homeowners are not limited to one type of black quartz kitchen countertop. Rather, there are many black quartz countertop options, from black sparkle and polished black to matte black quartz countertops and more. This can make it difficult to choose.

Whichever one you decide on, it is important to ensure you are purchasing a quality quartz countertop from a reputable manufacturer such as Caesarstone. Check out Caesarstone’s Dark Collection for more inspiration. 

So, let’s dive in and take a look at the various black quartz countertop ideas that could go well with your kitchen space.   

5101 Empira Black – Gluckstein Design – Princess Margaret Home Lottery 
  1. Matte black quartz countertops 

Matte black quartz countertops are quite common, given the sophistication they add to a space. While they do not have a polished or shiny finish, they create a consistently smooth surface with minimal reflection. This is a perfect countertop for those who want a space where light doesn’t bounce off of surfaces.  

The black matte countertop is created by removing the natural polish that is found on quartz. Once removed, the stone appears lighter but still retains its original look, just without the extra shine.  
Caesarstone’s 5101 Empira Black comes in both polished and natural finishes. The natural finish gently reflects light, providing homeowners with a surface that is more matte in appearance. 

  1. Black leather quartz kitchen countertops 

This is a quartz countertop with a leathered look. It is mostly used to highlight the unique colours and textures of quartz. The distinctive finish results in a velvet look of shine and matte that is comparable to leather. However, it leans more on the matte side as opposed to a polished finish. While it creates a unique and sophisticated look, it demands more in terms of maintenance. For instance, it should be cleaned daily with a cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth.  

Whether the black leather quartz countertop is ideal for your kitchen space or not depends on various factors such as the lighting in the kitchen, personal preference, and the overall kitchen design. This countertop, for instance, is not ideal for kitchens that have minimal light coming into the space.  

  1. Black sparkle quartz countertops 

This is the perfect black quartz kitchen countertop for someone looking for an eye-catching and impressive countertop. When hit with light, the flecks on black sparkle quartz countertops reflect the colours of the rainbow. For people who are conscious of the size of the sparkles, there are variations in the market with small sparkles, although most of them generally do not have excessively large sparkles. The dramatic statement created by sparkling black quartz countertops is difficult to achieve with other countertop materials.  

5810 Black Tempal – Vanessa Parker Design 
  1. Polished quartz countertops 

Even with the availability of other variations of black quartz countertops, the polished option is still a favourite among many homeowners. The light reflection properties make a kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. However, customers are conscious of the level of polish, with most preferring different tiers of polish. Luckily, getting a match is easy since the tiers of polish range from 0-100, making it simpler to choose between a less polished feel or a mirrored feel. The polish finish quartz countertops are also good at hiding kitchen smears. 3100 Jet Black is an ideal choice for homeowners seeking an elegant, minimalistic polished black surface. 

  1. Black and gold kitchen quartz countertops 

Black goes well with most colours. And the gold creates a striking contrast with the black. The combination creates a dramatic and cool effect in the kitchen. What makes the difference in how a black and gold kitchen countertop will feel is the ratio of black and gold. One can either opt for a statement countertop or a subtle one. The choice should be based on personal preference as well as other features, accessories, and characteristics in the kitchen. Either way, a black and gold countertop combination creates an edgy and sophisticated look that is also quite unique. 6338 Woodlands is a great option to achieve this aesthetic, offering striking gold and black veining dancing across a dark chocolate base.  

  1. Black and white quartz kitchen countertops 

A combination of black and white quartz kitchen countertops will always be a classic. 5100 Vanilla Noir is a perfect example of this. The two complement each other so well that they have been used throughout the ages, with no possibility of going out of style anytime soon.  

The variety of options is also wide. For instance, choosing a white countertop with different variations of black is a trend that many are experimenting with. Whether you want a polished black and white countertop, a matte black and white countertop, or even a black sparkle and white countertop, the choices are endless.  

An all-black kitchen countertop with a hint of white is also another classic that goes well with most kitchen designs. And if looking for a dramatic effect, an all-black quartz countertop with white streaks on the waterfall island will do the trick.  

  1. Black galaxy quartz kitchen countertops 

A black galaxy quartz countertop, such as 5810 Black Tempal, is the perfect design to add a cosmic elegance to your space. This differs from sparkles and features charcoal black backgrounds with eye-catching starry features, creating a high-powered, magical look in the kitchen.  

6338 Woodlands

Why choose black quartz countertops? 

  • The beauty – Black quartz countertops are strikingly beautiful, sleek, and luxurious. And they are difficult to ignore, regardless of other striking features in a space. The colour also commands attention, making them the ideal countertop choice for most kitchen designs.  
  • Ease of maintenance – As we mentioned, black quartz kitchen countertops are ideal for spaces with children or people with busy schedules. They are low-maintenance countertops that can be cleaned in a few minutes with only water, a mild detergent, and a soft cloth. It is also easy to spot crumbs or even dust, not to mention that they do not require regular sealing.  
  • Durability – Quartz is one of the hardest countertop materials, making it among the most durable. The surface is non-porous, and stain-, chip-, and heat-resistant.  

The Bottom Line 

Quartz is a great option for kitchen countertops. With the wide variety of black quartz countertop designs available, the right shade of black quartz countertops will not only transform the look of the kitchen with its classic feel but also add to the durability, ease of maintenance, and lasting enjoyment of the space.