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Reading: 9 Best Kitchen Backsplash Trends 

9 Best Kitchen Backsplash Trends 

November 14, 2022
6 min read

Designing a kitchen requires homeowners to make many decisions. One of the most fun decisions is choosing the backsplash. It’s an opportunity for homeowners to play with many colours and patterns. Additionally, it offers homeowners a chance to add a bit of their individual personalities.

Whether one envisions a blue kitchen, a white kitchen, or a kitchen with many colours, every kitchen can benefit from a trendy backsplash. Think of a backsplash as a statement piece or the finishing touch that brings the whole space together.

Have a look at these inspiring kitchen backsplash trends to spark one’s creativity and turn the kitchen space into a magical place:

white veined counter with bowl of noodles
5151 Empira White

1. Multicoloured or patterned backsplash in contemporary kitchen

It is indisputable that using a patterned backsplash combined with the effect of the cherry-shaped lighting fixture gives warm ambiance to a simple, contemporary grey kitchen . It will create the impression of a somewhat vintage feel. As a result, there is a pleasing detail that contrasts the styles of design across time. One can also blend patterned backsplash with grey countertops and cabinets.

For quartz countertops, one can go for Caesarstone’s 4011 Cloudburst Concrete. It’s a textured countertop in grey that goes well with a patterned backsplash. It will give the kitchen a luxurious and sophisticated look.

2. All-white

When it comes to the latest kitchen backsplash trends, one of the few designs that never goes out of style is all-white. A white backsplash with white countertops and cabinets gives a calmness and elegance to a kitchen space.

One can go for Caesarstone’s 1111 Vivid White or 1141 Pure White for their countertops to blend with white backsplash and cabinets. Also, one can add nickel hardware to the cabinets to give the kitchen interior design a modern touch.

3. White subway tile backsplash

For those homeowners who want to take from rustic kitchen backsplash trends,  a white subway tile backsplash is an ideal way to give a farmhouse style kitchen appearance. Not to mention, with the design of a farmhouse kitchen, subway tiles go perfectly with the rest of the elements. They resemble older bricks in a more contemporary way.

The wooden cabinets will go well with the white subway tiles. A modern farmhouse kitchen is constructed with wooden cabinetry and white subway tiles.

One can combine white subway tile with countertops to enhance the look even further. For instance, Caesarstone’s 5100 Vanilla Noir. This dark-coloured countertop will contrast the white subway tile backsplash perfectly. It will bring out a look that is appealing to everyone who sees it.

country style kitchen with grey backsplash and countertops
1003 Raindream

4. Eat-in kitchen with grey porcelain backsplash

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, homeowners want to go with styles that are different or out of the ordinary. Typically, similar materials are used in kitchen designs. But because of technology, we have a lot more ways to come up with unique design concepts.

Homeowners that want to make use of many materials can consider eat-in kitchens, as they are a safe and trendy design option. New kitchen backsplash trends combine a variety of elements, like the backsplash’s single-wall, grey porcelain tile and black mirrors.

One can also add black countertops and wooden cabinetry to give the space a sophisticated appearance. For instance, Caesarstone’s 3100 Jet Black is an excellent option; this black countertop gives an authentic look that will surely impress guests and family members.

5. Dark wooden cabinets with quartz backsplash

Dark wood flat cabinets with a pattern and a quartz backsplash naturally complement one another. These features offer an even sleeker appearance when combined with white cabinets and large windows. One can also add brass hardware to brown cabinets to give them a rustic feel.

Furthermore, homeowners can also go with quartz countertops to give a modern touch to the kitchen space. For instance, Caesarstone’s 5141 Frosty Carrina is a fantastic option for homeowners that want a quartz countertop that blends with dark wooden cabinets and backsplashes.

6. Complete quartz backsplash in a contemporary kitchen

One kitchen backsplash trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the use of quartz backsplashes. A quartz backsplash can add a touch of luxury to practically any kitchen.

Quartz is a durable and stain-resistant material that comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for busy families that are constantly on the go.

A complete quartz backsplash will instantly transform the kitchen, adding both function and beauty. All in all, a quartz backsplash is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to update their kitchen (especially when paired with a high-end quartz countertop).

7. Modern white kitchen with glass tile backsplash

A modest and beautiful kitchen with a glass tile backsplash looks elegant and minimalistic. Glass tile backsplashes with vertical lines combined with white cabinets and quartz countertops create a classy vibe around the kitchen space. Also, it really freshens up the atmosphere of the kitchen’s interior. One can also add glossy black quartz countertops to add depth to the interior.

beige countertop kitchen island with food spread
5121 Layalite

8. Black and white patterned backsplash

For homeowners who want a transitional kitchen, a black-and-white patterned backsplash is an ideal option. It offers a clean, minimalist design allowing it to stand out from others. One can also add brass knobs to the cabinets. After doing this, the backsplash lines and whole kitchen look quite exquisite.

9. Blue backsplash tile with white kitchen

Bring on the colour; a blue backsplash and white patterned lines paired with white kitchen cabinets give the space a dynamic and colourful appearance. Additionally, blue backsplash tile looks even better when combined with brown floors.

9 Best Kitchen Backsplash Trends — Conclusion

When it comes to kitchen renovation, one should never avoid designing the perfect backsplash. Always go with a backsplash that is trendy and completes the stylish appearance of a modern kitchen. From the abovementioned styles, there aren’t any kitchen backsplash trends to avoid. They all are appealing and look elegant in any kitchen interior.

One can style their backsplash in any way they want to. There are many colour, pattern and style options to choose from. But, always select a style that is individually appealing and goes with the rest of the kitchen.