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Reading: Bathroom Sinks - Undermount & Countertop Design Ideas

Bathroom Sinks - Undermount & Countertop Design Ideas

January 12, 2021
3 min read

Finding the perfect sink for your bathroom has never been easier. Manufactures today are creating sinks from a variety of materials which are available in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Traditionally, bathrooms sinks have been made from stainless steel, cast iron or fireclay and nowadays consumers can opt for exotic sinks crafted from glass, quartz, copper and more. ​With so much variety, homeowners are bound to find the perfect sink that best compliments the décor of their bathroom.

The bathroom vanity below features an enamelled white sink. The sink was placed underneath the counter in a style is called “undermount”. Undermount sinks are growing in popularity since they are rimless and thus have clean and crisp finish.

Another advantage is that they are more hygienic as debris can’t accumulate between the rim and countertop. The vanity has an inviting transitional feel. It has a soft toned pastel palette that is warm and engaging. The white brick backsplash adds a traditional touch and works well with the grey countertop.

The countertop is made from Caesarstone’s 4030 Stone Grey – a design that consists of small grey circles in a myriad of shades placed side by side. The faucets definitely add to the overall composition and their copper tone enhances the textual depth to the bathroom.

Finally, wooden cabinets have an off-white shade which is soothing to the eye and the grooves within the cabinets increase the decorative richness.

Bathroom Sinks - Undermount & Countertop Design Ideas

If you want a bolder effect, consider the “all-black” bathroom look. The ultra-contemporary bathroom below has a bath and counter made of Caesarstone’s 4100 Belgian Moon. The floating counter is incredibly spacious and has a large square sink as well as plenty of room for bathroom amenities.

The grey walls accentuate the black surfaces and enhance the clean and minimalistic style of the bathroom. The stainless steel taps add a slight touch of silver metal which blends in well with the overall black and grey palette. What gives the bathroom its charm is its spa like appeal.

There are loose rocks at the end of the supersized bath and the large windows let nature right in. The mirrors make the space look even bigger and reflect the calming view from outside.

Bathroom Sinks - Undermount & Countertop Design Ideas

Bathroom sinks can also be crafted from more exotic materials. The sinks below are made from White Quartz which is a semi-precious stone. Caesarstone has launched an entire line of semi-precious stone surfaces called the Concetto and the collection includes exquisite surfaces made from Tiger Eye, Amethyst and Agate.

The bathroom features two large square sinks made from 8141 White Quartz. The eye is immediately drawn to their unique texture that consists of semi-transparent white crystals with delicate lines between them.

The textual depth provided by the White Quartz gives the bathroom a luxurious and exclusive feel. If you want an even more pronounced effect, you can place lights behind the surface which accentuates its texture.

The surrounding ornamentation is low key which keeps the focus on the sinks. The walls are painted in clear white and there are a few white accessories. The fixtures are made from stainless steel and have a classic shape.

Bathroom Sinks - Undermount & Countertop Design Ideas