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Reading: Brown Quartz Countertops: 2022 Design Ideas 

Brown Quartz Countertops: 2022 Design Ideas 

April 22, 2022
5 min read

With the wide variety of colours, patterns, and finishes available, there are many factors to consider when picking a quartz countertop design. Homeowners may factor in the colour of their cabinets, lighting style, flooring type, and other elements into this decision.

In 2022, brown quartz countertops have quickly become a trend due to their ease of styling. Brown quartz countertops are a warm yet neutral shade that can be very versatile in the home. When combined with the right decor pieces and colour themes, the result is a cozy, striking, and elegant kitchen design.

Read on to learn more on how to pair brown countertops with other elements in the kitchen to achieve a stylish and functional space.

6338 Woodlands – Designer: Shere Kitchens 

Here are 11 brown quartz countertop design ideas 

  1. Brown quartz countertops with white cabinets 

White is a shade that pairs well with any colour, including brown. Its vibrant and clean look provides the perfect contrast, especially when paired with a dark brown like Caesarstone’s 6338 Woodlands.

This combination enables homeowners to add other elements into the kitchen without the space feeling too overcrowded. In fact, dark brown quartz countertops and white cabinets are known to go well with brightly-coloured furniture, sleek kitchen appliances, and unique window dressings.

Homeowners who struggle with finding the right brown quartz countertops for their kitchen spaces can check out the wide range of available options at Caesarstone.

  1. Brown quartz countertops with gold accents

Well-known for the boldness and character it brings to a space, gold is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a striking design in their kitchen. The combination of brown quartz countertops and gold elements (such as cabinet handles or light fixtures) can make a room feel lively and charming.

  1. Brown quartz countertops with rose-coloured paint 

This colour combo is a great way to achieve a soft and refined atmosphere. While rose is more common in the bedroom, homeowners who are not afraid to experiment can produce a cozy, luxurious, and comfortable kitchen space with this unique colour.

  1. Brown quartz countertops with green cabinets 

As more homeowners crave peaceful and calm spaces, green is quickly becoming the go-to cabinet colour to achieve serenity. This versatile colour pairs well with brown quartz countertops, creating an earthy vibe in the kitchen. And with options for soft greens or bold greens, this hue can introduce a sense of nature while also maintaining a certain degree of neutrality in the home’s design.

  1. Brown quartz countertops with brown cabinets 

Brown is the perfect option for homeowners looking for a subtle feel to their homes since this cabinet pick creates room to introduce other colours into the kitchen space. For example, this combo pairs perfectly with white appliances and a brightly-coloured backsplash. This brown-on-brown theme is ideal for homeowners who are not afraid to play with colour to accessorize their kitchen space. A well-lit area is key when it comes to this type of pairing, so ensure that the kitchen has plenty of natural or enhanced lighting.

1006 Agger Grey
  1. Brown quartz countertops with bright-coloured paint 

Brighter colours can increase a room’s vibrance, particularly when working with a neutral brown countertop. Given the neutrality of this colour choice, homeowners are more open to experiment with brighter colours. From hues of yellow, blues, and creams, the resulting aesthetic sparks a lively contrast.

  1. Brown quartz countertops with matte grey cabinets 

When paired with brown quartz countertops, a matte grey cabinet results in a stylish and futuristic look. When paired with warm-toned kitchen decor, wooden floors, and a bright backsplash, the result is a memorable and bold kitchen space.

  1. Dark brown quartz countertops with orange cupboards 

A dark brown quartz countertop and orange cupboards will give an attractive, warm, and comfortable feel. Orange makes for a good focal point, especially when other kitchen elements are neutral or dark colours.

  1. Brown quartz countertops with light wooden flooring 

Spaces with wooden floors pair well with brown quartz surfaces. The light wooden hues complement the colours in the brown countertop, adding to their overall beauty. This effect can also be elevated by some well-placed indoor plants. The combination of brown hues and nature-inspired elements creates a lively and spacious feel.

  1. More accent lighting with brown quartz countertops 

Brown quartz countertops are best used in well-lit spaces. Homeowners without sufficient natural lighting should take advantage of accent lighting, particularly with warmer-coloured lighting elements.

For instance, LED bulbs with warm colours or brightly-coloured table lamps work well in these spaces, creating a well-lit and ambient kitchen design.

4043 Primordia
  1. Brown quartz countertops with blue cabinets 

This is the perfect colour combination for homeowners wanting to achieve a sleek and modern look while also incorporating calm and balanced features. The cooler hues of blue pair perfectly with warm browns.

The addition of other warm browns (such as wooden furniture) creates the perfect balance between hues of brown and blue. This combination also suits homeowners looking to create a modern and contemporary kitchen design.

The bottom line 

When paired well, brown countertops can elevate the look of any kitchen. Since brown is so versatile, homeowners can mix-and-match a variety of colours in the space without feeling too restricted. Looking for premium, well-made quartz countertops? Check out where to buy Caesarstone from retailers and showrooms near you.